Saturday, September 30, 2006

I still love fair isle

Here's the progress pics, coming up on two whole repeats of the motif.

And a little closer view

These colors are a little hard to accurately capture on the camera. I tried messing around in Photoshop to make them read more like I see them, but never quite feel like it's working. Still, you can get an idea.

I've had a nasty cold this whole week, so I feel like I've been firing on half a cylinder. Several days I took long naps while the kids were at school. I hope I'm nearing the end of it. I haven't been up to grocery shopping or meal planning, so our diet has been interesting this week.

On Monday, I took the spinning wheel and drop spindle in to show the kindergarteners. They really paid attention and and were very interested. A couple kids said that they know someone who spins. One girl said that she wants to try. Planted that seed early! I found Charlie Needs a Cloak in the school library and read that to them, too. It's so hard for kids to understand just how long it took to make clothes before the Industrial Revolution.

This morning I went to Last Saturday Knitting. It was all new faces since I was last there, way back in May. Jenny and Terri moved away over the summer, and Linda probably gave up on me, after I was away for so many months in a row. With a little luck, we'll be able to get a new group of regulars for a while.


Becky in Iowa :O) said...

Very very pretty. You are doing a great job. :O)

Chelle said...

Wow! Those colours are gorgeous...lovely work!

Wendy said...

Amazingly beautiful, Eliz.

Bezzie said...

It's looking good! That color combo looks great in a larger scale. The light colors give it a nice "glow."

Hope you're feeling better!

knittinbrit_in_wi said...

Great progress over the past few days. I love the colors together. Beautiful!

Hope you feel better! You know napping just steels the knitting time.

MollyBeees said...

Gorgeous sweater!!!!!! Hope your feeling better now. I caught Mr. Bee's cold so it looks like I'm in for a long week too! Know what would make me feel all better-a Fair Isle sweater! :0) LOL Hope you're doing better this week!

Renee said...

Where do they have Last Saturday? I could certainly use some of your knitting expertise. Plus I read your blog all the time. It would be nice to put the text with a live face.

Elizabeth said...

I'll put a thing in my sidebar about Last Saturday Knitting. I hope to see you there!

ericah64 said...

Thanks for the idea about teaching the "kindies" about spinning. I swiped your idea and talked to Thing Two's teacher about it today. They'll be learning about farm animals in the spring, so I'll do it then. She knows the book and mentioned it before I did. Now I *have* to get good with my spindle!