Thursday, March 31, 2005

Stash Flashed!

Ok, I'm hoping to make a link to the album where it's on display.

Stash Album Here!

By jove, I think I've done it! So, I did not actually get out every bit of it. And I did not open the really big boxes stacked in the corner. And I didn't include the little tower in the garage. But, I think that about 70% of it has been represented in this album.
Shall we start the support group now?

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Sneak preview 3

Image hosted by
I spent a large part of tonight taking more stash pics for Friday. Here's my last sneak preview before the big event.

Mud season and possible changes afoot...

The mud is starting to dry out and I'm looking forward to that. One nice thing about a really frozen day in January, not much gets tracked in.

Our big news here is that we are starting to think about buying a bigger house. I found a few candidates online and we'll go look at a couple with a realtor on Thurs. a.m. Also, I arranged a storage unit (10' X 20') which I'll secure tomorrow so we can start making this house look salable.

It will be a massive ordeal to move, on many levels. First off, just the work involved: purging junk, cleaning up, cosmetic improvements indoors and out, packing, moving. That's daunting enough. Then the stress involved in the whole process. Scott and I have been through 6 moves together over the years and our differing styles tend to cause a bit of conflict. We've been in this house for 8 years, which is longer than any other, and we have two kids now. The kids will be a little unglued about the relocation, but I hope they'll settle in quickly. Then, there's all the stress about other people making decisions and taking actions over which we have no control. Banks, sellers, buyers, realtors. Negotiating about money, deadlines, closing dates, etc.

Every time we started to think about this stuff before it just seemed like it was easier to stay put. But we really need a house where our kids' rooms are big enough to hold their toys. I would like a family room, so our living room will be a little more civilized. I'd like to have space to accomodate my parents when they come to town. We like our lot and our immediate neighbors (mostly), but not enough to make a major wall-rearranging series of improvements and addition to this house. For less money than upgrading this house, we could trade up and get 2000 sq feet plus basement.

Over the years we've had so many linked questions that drove me nuts. If we thought we would stay here forever, we would rip out the unused chimney and gain a crucial 2' X 3' area of floor space in the kitchen. And remodel the kitchen. But, if we thought we would sell in a year, we would just try to facelift the appearance a bit without improving function. That sort of stuff. And it drove me nuts, because I never felt like I could tackle anything because we didn't have a longer term plan to work toward. So, it is a colossal relief to think that we've reached a decision to move. The only improvements we'll make are those that enhance the immediate salability. And the rest of it can be someone else's headache.

Monday, March 28, 2005

Virtuous knitting

Today my box from Elann came: the Peruvian Highland Wool. 16 balls in a lovely rusty-orange that does nice things for my skin tone. I started playing around right away and was able to make about 12" of ideas before I hit on the right one. I'm hoping it will make a good Fall submission for Knitty, so I won't elaborate further. Of course, I wanted to jump in RIGHT AWAY, but I felt the tug of WIPS lying in pathetic heaps around the living room. So, I did a few rows on another stealth project, one for summer wear. Then decided the most virtuous thing would be to finish the second of a pair of mostly boring grey socks. I was just at the beginning of the toe shaping and figured that since spring is finally here, it's a good time to get the wool socks done.

I got out a small handful of little foil-wrapped chocolate eggs, left over from E.B.'s visit yesterday, and worked my way through those while I got that sock off my needles. Yay. I like the cleaning up after a project: putting the needles away and clearing out the bag for the next thing.

The summer thing is coming along nicely and should be ready for public viewing by June. Stay tuned for more details on that!

My carpal tunnel syndrome has been pretty cooperative lately. I really am happy to be able to spend a chunk of time just knitting on the couch without paying for it later.

Preview 2

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A big bin of miscellaneous yarns.

Sunday, March 27, 2005

Stash preview: A Box of Jo Sharp

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Second try: I hope this photo won't dominate the whole page...

Well, I did live through spring break.

OK, it's the evening of Sunday. One more day of spring break, then the elder Wild Child goes back to his daily routine. Younger one and I can bike circles around the block as long as the weather holds.

Toward the end there was a lot less fighting. Today, they even played together, without parental intervention, for a while.

While reviewing two of my stealth knitting projects, I got the uncomfortable feeling that both could benefit from some revisions. Grr snarl.

I've begun preparations for the Flash Your Stash Along on April 1. I took 15 photos so far, and probably have not conveyed the whole awful truth. I'm posting a teaser photo here: a small box overflowing with Jo Sharp DK. I'm not sure just yet what it will become, but I know it will be lovely. Someday.

Friday, March 25, 2005

Whole lotta learning going on...

I figured out how to add to and edit the links. Yay. Now to figure out the button business. Then (gasp) join the knittyheads webring. Oh, I better add some knitting content.

Not too many WIPs right now: some basic socks for me; a secret project to be revealed later; a machine knit sweater for a friend. Hmm. A few UFO's languishing that should be upgraded back to WIP status. At what point does the WIP become a UFO? 6 months dormant? 1 year? Let me know.

I have lots of ideas for projects, but they are all in a pre-WIP status right now.

The major work ahead of me at the moment is to spend a lot of time typing up patterns from the notes from all my past projects. This is such a major headache. But I can't share my work with my adoring public if I don't get to it.

Will I live through spring break???

As Zib said, in Italy they get Easter Vacation. And in Madison WI, which considers itself an island of enlightenment in a sea of Christian conservatism, we get Easter Vacation, too. Even the small towns around get Spring Break, which is fixed at the third week of March. But here in Madison, our "spring break" is ALWAYS the week leading up to Easter, PLUS the Monday right after Easter. If I had any energy left after battling my boys, I would start a campaign to reform this. Maybe the Freedom From Religion Foundation will take it up as a cause...

I feel like the Monday following Easter is just too much to heap on a poor beleaguered stay-at-home parent. Really, one week is enough! More than enough!

My boys make me wish I believed in corporal punishment. Yes, they're cute and smart. But they're relentless. And they cannot be in a room together without fighting for even two minutes. This is not hyberbolic ranting from a mom without perspective. It is a verifiable truth! And, they won't stay apart.

Wednesday they had a fight about a penny. A F*cking Penny! And it nearly came to blows and left the little one a quivering heap in the living room. I walked out and went to my room for a time-out. I can't decide how much to intervene and how much to let them work it out. It seems like three years of intervening hasn't improved the overall situation, so now I'm going to try letting them duke it out. Within reason, of course.

My mom used to threaten to run off and join a convent. And she's not Catholic. I'm beginning to feel ready for the convent myself: grown women, quiet, clean and orderly. Contemplation and prayer.

Scott and I agree that if either one of us ever seeks a divorce, the one that wants out has to take the kids. That ought to keep us together forever!!!

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Now that I've gone public...

I added my www link on knitty, so now I better say something. Anything. Right? Not sure that I'm the type for ranting in a public forum, but maybe I'll warm to it.

The camera's out of commission until the charger reemerges from its hiding place. So, no pics today. I will have pictures of the Flash Your Stash Along by April 1. One way or another. Even if I have to buy a replacement charger.

If I posted often, there would be a dreadful sameness about my posts. Something like this: got up, dealt with kids. did laundry, shopped. Dealt with kids. cooked dinner. Dealt with kids. Kids to bed. tried to do a little knitting before bed.

Repeat ad nauseum.

So, don't look for daily posts from me. But I'll try to make it kind of interesting when I do post.

I'll try to dress up the blog as I learn how. Buttons, links, lists, progress bars, you name it. It'll distract you from how little content there really is.

Brand new blog, brand new day

Here it is. Let's hope it works.