Friday, March 25, 2005

Will I live through spring break???

As Zib said, in Italy they get Easter Vacation. And in Madison WI, which considers itself an island of enlightenment in a sea of Christian conservatism, we get Easter Vacation, too. Even the small towns around get Spring Break, which is fixed at the third week of March. But here in Madison, our "spring break" is ALWAYS the week leading up to Easter, PLUS the Monday right after Easter. If I had any energy left after battling my boys, I would start a campaign to reform this. Maybe the Freedom From Religion Foundation will take it up as a cause...

I feel like the Monday following Easter is just too much to heap on a poor beleaguered stay-at-home parent. Really, one week is enough! More than enough!

My boys make me wish I believed in corporal punishment. Yes, they're cute and smart. But they're relentless. And they cannot be in a room together without fighting for even two minutes. This is not hyberbolic ranting from a mom without perspective. It is a verifiable truth! And, they won't stay apart.

Wednesday they had a fight about a penny. A F*cking Penny! And it nearly came to blows and left the little one a quivering heap in the living room. I walked out and went to my room for a time-out. I can't decide how much to intervene and how much to let them work it out. It seems like three years of intervening hasn't improved the overall situation, so now I'm going to try letting them duke it out. Within reason, of course.

My mom used to threaten to run off and join a convent. And she's not Catholic. I'm beginning to feel ready for the convent myself: grown women, quiet, clean and orderly. Contemplation and prayer.

Scott and I agree that if either one of us ever seeks a divorce, the one that wants out has to take the kids. That ought to keep us together forever!!!


zibibbo said...

Your convent bit is hilarious. I think Easter vacation is just a reminder for parents that Summer vacation is rapidly approaching and you must be prepared.

qwerty said...

It's true. we always fight.

Anonymous said...

OMG, Elizabeth, I SO agree with you about arguing kids. Sometimes I tell them I'm gonna lock 'em in a room to fight, and see who comes out alive. I like the idea of giving myself a time-out.

Kim (HappyPiranha)

Elizabeth said...

It makes them nervous when Mom takes a time out. BTW, "Ivan" is my son's online alter-ego.