Friday, March 25, 2005

Whole lotta learning going on...

I figured out how to add to and edit the links. Yay. Now to figure out the button business. Then (gasp) join the knittyheads webring. Oh, I better add some knitting content.

Not too many WIPs right now: some basic socks for me; a secret project to be revealed later; a machine knit sweater for a friend. Hmm. A few UFO's languishing that should be upgraded back to WIP status. At what point does the WIP become a UFO? 6 months dormant? 1 year? Let me know.

I have lots of ideas for projects, but they are all in a pre-WIP status right now.

The major work ahead of me at the moment is to spend a lot of time typing up patterns from the notes from all my past projects. This is such a major headache. But I can't share my work with my adoring public if I don't get to it.

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