Monday, March 28, 2005

Virtuous knitting

Today my box from Elann came: the Peruvian Highland Wool. 16 balls in a lovely rusty-orange that does nice things for my skin tone. I started playing around right away and was able to make about 12" of ideas before I hit on the right one. I'm hoping it will make a good Fall submission for Knitty, so I won't elaborate further. Of course, I wanted to jump in RIGHT AWAY, but I felt the tug of WIPS lying in pathetic heaps around the living room. So, I did a few rows on another stealth project, one for summer wear. Then decided the most virtuous thing would be to finish the second of a pair of mostly boring grey socks. I was just at the beginning of the toe shaping and figured that since spring is finally here, it's a good time to get the wool socks done.

I got out a small handful of little foil-wrapped chocolate eggs, left over from E.B.'s visit yesterday, and worked my way through those while I got that sock off my needles. Yay. I like the cleaning up after a project: putting the needles away and clearing out the bag for the next thing.

The summer thing is coming along nicely and should be ready for public viewing by June. Stay tuned for more details on that!

My carpal tunnel syndrome has been pretty cooperative lately. I really am happy to be able to spend a chunk of time just knitting on the couch without paying for it later.


emily said...

Hi Elizabeth!! your new blog looks great and I love the name. Glad to finally have a way to keep up with you on a more regular basis too!

zibibbo said...

Virtuous Knitting *Shakes head* I have a love / hate with those projects. You just know you have to finish them up but new fibers are sooo tempting. And swatching I've found takes chunks out of the other proj. Be strong!

Toddling off to my yarn guy in a bit won't be helping one bit. And congrats on the move or move to be!