Sunday, March 27, 2005

Well, I did live through spring break.

OK, it's the evening of Sunday. One more day of spring break, then the elder Wild Child goes back to his daily routine. Younger one and I can bike circles around the block as long as the weather holds.

Toward the end there was a lot less fighting. Today, they even played together, without parental intervention, for a while.

While reviewing two of my stealth knitting projects, I got the uncomfortable feeling that both could benefit from some revisions. Grr snarl.

I've begun preparations for the Flash Your Stash Along on April 1. I took 15 photos so far, and probably have not conveyed the whole awful truth. I'm posting a teaser photo here: a small box overflowing with Jo Sharp DK. I'm not sure just yet what it will become, but I know it will be lovely. Someday.

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