Sunday, September 03, 2006

Fiber and Knitting

Here are my main works in progress of the moment. The skinny scarf for the Yarn Botanika project is coming along. I find I can make great progress on this if I have my music going or something to keep me in my chair. I'm not a tv/movie knitter, but those of you who are will be able to do this pattern while parked on the couch with an eye on the tube.

The other item is the beginning of a top-down raglan for The Little Emperor. I'm re-using the same concept as my Adirondack Pullover, only at a slightly different gauge and in a boy's size. The yarn is from a stash-dive I took last night. Brown Sheep's Cotton Top, which was not in production very long. It's probably a heavy worsted/aran weight, 50/50 wool/cotton blend. It's soft to the touch and has a nice crunchy hand. When Owen came down to the basement lair to show me something, I asked him what he thought about the yarn for a sweater for L.E. He must be gaining some tact in his old age. He made a bit of a face and recovered. Then said, "You'd better ask him." Very diplomatic. The yarn looks better in the knitting than it does in the skeins. This morning, LE voiced his approval. The other day he said he wants a rainbow sweater, so I might have to make another one for him fairly soon.

This is the Corriedale Cross I've been spinning the last few days. Nice nice batts.


YarnB said...

That batt is gorgeous Elizabeth! Where is it from? And the scarf looks fantastic. If you don't mind, can I put that photo on my blog tomorrow or if you want to send me another? Looks wonderful!!

Carina said...

The best rainbow yarn I've seen and used is Tropical Fish colorway from Blackberry Ridge. Very, very nice.