Monday, September 25, 2006

OMG! Thank You!

Sarah M aka Teleknitter is The BEST!

I just got home from the supermarket and the mail was in the box. And look what she sent!

This gorgeous hank of 100% alpaca fingering weight that she spun! Mead was featured on Sarah's blog a bit ago and I might have dropped the subtlest hint (Yeah, right. Subtle like a train wreck!) that I loved this yarn. And today, here she is! An early birthday present. Sarah notes that her (Sarah's) birthday is November 11, two days before mine, so that gives me a while to think of a suitably cool way to reciprocate.

Since Mead has already posed for yarnographic images for Sarah and is now featured here, I'd say she's had more exposure that the average Playboy centerfold. But she's so deserving.

I can't wait to introduce her to some of the alpaca hanks I bought at the Alpaca Fest. I think they'll get on well together.

Thanks Sarah. You made my day.


Sarah said...


Mead is now one well-photographed yarn!

Glad the mail was quick!


happy creating with her!

Bezzie said...

I've got some luscious Sarah M-spun myself ;-) Isn't she the best??

That's a gorgeous hank--love that buttery caramel color!

And Hooray for November birthdays! (I don't have one myself, but I gave birth in november--does that count? :-P)

Valerie said...

That is *almost* as gorgeous as the hank she sent me. But I'm partial. ;)

Zonda said...

Wow, that is some gorgeous yummy yarn there! What a great way to make your day! :) Enjoy!

Ceci said...

Isn't that Sarah a sweetie?? That's some gooooorgeous love you got from her!

turtlegirl76 said...

I'm so jealous. 3 people in one blog post fessing up to receiving Sarah-spun yarn. Hmmph. ;)

It is gorgeous though.

Jerry & Maxy said...

What a generous soul that Sarah! What will you make with such special yarn?