Saturday, September 23, 2006

More Knitting Content!

You can tell I'm on a roll here! Lots of knitting content these days.

This swatch shows the colors I've decided on for the Kelebek Vest. The stitch pattern is from Anatolian Knitting Designs, and is called Kelebek which they say means butterfly in English. I'm using mostly currently available Harrisville Shetland colors, which are far more reasonably priced that Jamieson and Smith, though the color range is more limited.The only color I don't see an equivalent for in the Harrisville line is the apricot that I got by over-dyeing my pink with a solution of brown and moss green Wilton's cake dec coloring paste. I'm pretty sure I can find a good choice in the Jamieson's line, but need to look at their color cards in person, not just online, to decide. Since my guys have all gone off the train show in Monroe, I'm going to seize the moment and cast on! If any of you fair isle nuts out there would like to knit a sample for me in an alternative colorway, let me know. It would work something like this: I send you yarn and pattern. You make the vest and send it to me with any comments or suggestions. I take pictures and such, then return the vest for you to keep. Just a thought.

Moving along, yesterday we had a burst of sunshine in the late afternoon. I happened to be wearing a purple shirt that coordinates very well with the Autumn Walk Scarf. Grabbed the camera and Mr. SABLE and went to the backyard climber where some rays were still not below the horizon. The pics all had a very warm glow from the angle of the sun.

Weather permitting, I'll get some more pics before the weekend is out.


Jenny said...

Ooooh, I like the scarf. You've certainly been busy lately.

Marina said...

I would offer to do it except that I knot and I'm hopeless at critiquing anything!

turtlegirl76 said...

I love the bead detail on the scarf. Very clever. I'd take you up on the vest offer, but, um, the only fair isle I've done was on a water bottle cozy.

Becky in Iowa :O) said...

Not to sound like a kiss ass, but I love the colors you chose for the vest. And frankly the scarf is just gorgeous.

Bezzie said...

Hooray! That was my more favorite of the two swatches!

Love the scarf and hey, what better way to photograph it but in the impending autumn sunset!

helen said...

the vest choices turned out beautiful!!

i love fair isle.

would your test be in a diff colour set?

cpurl17 said...

What a lovely post. I wish it was Autumn here but we never really get one here.

The colors in the vest are so pretty. I wish I was skilled enough to volunteer to knit a sample!

Great shots of the scarf in the afternoon sun.

Terby said...

I like the color choices on the swatch - reads much less girly pink now, and I like your muddy dark colors.

Nice scarf, too.

Marji said...

That was the motif that I thought worked the best (well, I guess it was all the same motif, but it looked different when that color bar went across the front.) Nice colors, lovely scarf.
psssst - get Marina to knit it if she will, her work is impeccable.
love the scarf. I see you went with a simple single layer of beads.

Jerry & Maxy said...

I love the swatch!!! And the scarf :)