Thursday, September 07, 2006

The First Few Days of School

Tuesday was supposed to usher in a new era at the SABLE house. I'm not sure it's quite worked out the way I thought it should just yet. Both boys are in new school situations and having some adjustments. For Owen, the main issue is the earlier start time. We really need to make sure he stops reading and goes to sleep by 10, because he needs to wake up around 7 and be out the door at 7:30. Mr SABLE is going in to work earlier, so we're seeing him a little earlier in the afternoons these days.

For the little guy, though, it's a big change. He's handling it pretty well, although every day I get a bit of resistance as we approach 8:15. When we're lining up waiting for the bell, he begs me to stay but accepts it when I leave. I've been volunteering in the lunch room with the kindergarteners and first graders, so we have to go through the separation issues all over again. I'm eager to finish that obligation. I will do Monday mornings in the classroom if it doesn't cause problems with my little guy.

I donated blood yesterday morning. That was uneventful. It's always good when that's uneventful.

I had coffee with my friend Heather this morning. While I was waiting for her, I managed to spill my coffee and soak my shorts. Fortunately, the spill was on my side so no ambiguity about the big wet spot. Home to change then off to school for lunch duty. Then home for a bit to organize my thoughts and eat a little lunch myself before I went off to the supermarket. Yay! Shopping alone! I love shopping alone.

So, not much knitting the last couple days. Part of that is just the running around busy-ness, but also I really did overdo it with the Cotton Top on the Little Emperor's pullover over the weekend and had to give my left hand several days with almost no knitting.

Tomorrow afternoon I get to hang out with Emily for a bit while she's in town.

Then Mr SABLE is taking the guys off camping for the weekend. I might sneak off to the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival while they're gone, although it sounds like the knitty-heads will be gathering on Sunday.

Next week, I hope to really hunker down and get productive.


Bezzie said...

Separation anxiety sucks! But pretty soon when you go to pick him up and he's like "But mom! I don't wanna leave!" :-(

Marji said...

you know that law of physics that says that the amount of junk you own expands to overflow the amount of available space? Well, I'm convinced there must be a corresponding law that says that the amount of personal free time you have shrinks everytime you think it ought to be expanding. Really.
Cotton top is looking great - but be nice to your hands - they are your power tools, and you can't go to Home Depot to replace them.