Tuesday, September 12, 2006

More Things About Me

17. I'm a recovering alcoholic, sober for nearly 20 years.

18. I don't believe in astrology, but my personality seems to fit the profile for my sign, Scorpio.

19. I had to fire someone who worked in my bookstore once. On her way out, she told me I was, "rude, cruel, power-hungry, and abusive." Whew. Maybe some of that is true.

20. Mr. SABLE and I lived in Ithaca NY from 1984-96.

21. We moved to Madison WI when he got his first real job.

22. I don't cry very often.

23. But tear-jerker scenes in movies get me every time.

24. I'm embarrassed when I start crying because of that kind of blatant emotional manipulation.

25. I've never owned a dog.

26. I've always been extremely close to my mother.

27. My family moved to NH when I was 5, just before I started 1st grade.

28. In my very small public school, about 12 of us went from 1st-12th grades together. I graduated in a large class of 30.

29. When I was a young teen, I wanted to go to RISD and study fashion design. My mom told me that would be a bad idea.

30. So, I went to University of Chicago and had several concentrations before I stopped trying. Among them: Italian Lit, History of Religions, and Medieval History.

31. Eventually I may go back to college and get a BA in Textiles and Design.

32. My secret internet vice is looking at real estate. It's like pornography for me.


turtlegirl76 said...

I wasn't far from Ithaca from 94-96. Too bad I didn't knit and knitty didn't exist then. We coulda done great things together. ;)

Sarah said...

I love looking at internet real estate too. Definitely a secret vice for me!

Hope the school routine is settling in now!

Laura said...

Ithaca! I love that place. I had the hardest time deciding to go to the University of Chicago instead of Cornell for graduate school.

I guess it's better that I did go to the the heck hole, I mean, Hyde Park because that's where I re-met Peter.

I should send you links to the real estate listings for my current home and my future home. :D

zibibbo said...

Ah, your Real Estate is my Vacation planning :D

D said...

I'm a closet RE gawker myself. Almost settled in Ithaca 4 years ago when I first started my degrees here. As much as I like it, even love it here I have to leave as it is oversaturated for what I do *sigh*

PS Shelley (I think that was her name) sold Knitting Machines, etc. and it is now Knitting, Etc. up near the Pyramid Mall on 13. Thanks for helping me find those first yarn shops, Elizabeth :)

Bezzie said...

RISD! Most beautiful college viewbook every!!

Karen said...

I like to look at RE too...but always end up depressed. :)

Congrats on the sobriety.

Marji said...

Work in RE for a little while and it will no longer seem like any kind of porn - it'll be "get me out of here" time.
I lived in Roch NY 1956-1968, waterskiied on the fingerlakes, spent a lot of time up there. Upstate NY is beautiful.
congrats on 20 yrs.
I hate to tell you this, but the Hallmark commercial effect vis-a-vis tears will get worse in the next 10 years - blame it all on hormones.

Donna said...

Huge congratulations on that first item, Elizabeth! That's wonderful.

My daughter wanted to study fashion design, too, but she's since decided she likes interior design better. I hope she'll go for it even though the art college is mucho expensive. She's only 13, so there's time. If you don't do something you love...what's the use?

Jerry & Maxy said...

Hooray for Scorpios! My sister does the real estate porn thing too.

More fun facts!