Monday, October 09, 2006

Quick post

Here's the newest progress pic of the vest. About 4 more inches of knitting on the body, then it's time to graft shoulders, cut steeks, and finish the trim.

I just wanted to stress that even though the pattern looks a little complex, it really isn't. Although the colors cycle through a 24 row repeat, the rows actually repeat on a six row cycle. Then you start working back out from what you just did, in mirror image. Anyone who ever made a lace project can absolutely make this pattern.

Thanks to all the commenters. I hope to find a bunch more of my old swatches to post. I think I learn a lot by seeing what doesn't work and thinking about why.

Here's a purple coneflower for you:

Look at how those bright yellow bits of pollen really stand out on the dark rust and green cone.

So many flowers are in bloom in our yard right now, it's hard to remember that we're several weeks past the usual first hard frost.


Bezzie said...

Pretty coneflower (you'll have to post it later when it dies too!).

Your posts remind me I need to develop my death of a tree film.

The vest looks great! Eagerly waiting S-day!

Jerry & Maxy said...

Thanks for trying to reassure the Fair Isle fraidy cats, but I'm sure that's harder than Ella or Cozy.

I'm so enjoying watching the progress!

Coneflower is sooo pretty. Up here the leaves are really changing.

YarnB said...

The colors in the sweater are amazing! It does look very complex though to me!!

Isn't a purple coneflower similar to an Echineacea flower? They look similar. Gorgeous colors! I love flower photos...

Wendy said...

Looks fab. I have a hard time working more than two or three colors on one row (makes my right ring finger HURT). I wonder, how many colors on one row for this?

Ruinwen said...

I really love the way this is turning out! Such beautiful color fades and combos!

Can't wait to see it done!