Saturday, October 28, 2006


My Cheap A$$ Secret Pal came through with more goodies today! What fun! I didn't get a close up picture of the stitch markers, yet, but they are really gorgeous. The other items in the picture above are two skeins of vintage wool, two packets of fancy cocoa, notecards, Perugia candies, family planner*, and a catnip pillow for the cats.

Here's Hailey being awakened from a nap to enjoy the pillow:

After a minute of sniffing, she made the flamen face. I wonder if there are animals at the place where these are made?

Thanks Flutterby! It's a great package!

*Of course, my "family planning" days are done: I had my tubes tied after the second child!


Bezzie said...

That catnip is grown in my hometown. We're famous for our marijuana, catnip, and giant veggies.

Flutterby is one cool cat!

Carol said...

oooo Hailey is a beauty! There must be some nip in that cat nip!

ellen said...

How exciting - I get to unload a piece of my useless cat knowledge upon you - "the face" is made to draw the scent across an extra scent organ which they have on the roof of their mouth. It's called the Jacobson't organ, and they use it to analize especially pungent or interesting smells. I always thought of it as the "foot face" as one of my past pets used to make it after she smelled my feet.