Monday, July 31, 2006

Posting from vacation in NH

Greetings from steamy NH. Actually, last night was positively chilly, which felt good. We turned off the AC and opened all the windows, but my mom says it won't last.

Yesterday The Little Emperor turned 5, and threw a few royal fits to go with the occasion. Still, he gets over them.

On Saturday we did the Mt. Washington Cog Railway, which was an experience. I had gone up a mountain train in Switzerland in 1994 and somehow had the idea that this train would be more like that one. That one was fairly smooth and modern and was powered by electricity. The Cog Railway is powered by coal and steam. It travels about 3 miles an hour up the mountain, bumping on every tooth of the cog. The top of the mountain was in a cloud, so visibility was about 20 feet. Still, worth the experience once a decade or so. Mr. SABLE found the collection of mountain engines interesting.

My brother and his wife are coming through today on their way to VT. Then Shelagh is driving 3 hours to say Hi. We're going to The Fiber Studio together, which is about 3 miles from here. Wouldn't you know, I forgot my knitting and realized it when we were halfway to the airport in Madison. Time to restock!

Of course, lots of swimming at the best-kept secret pond. After all these years, this spring fed pond (in the midwest it would be a lake) is still almost completely undeveloped. It's about a mile across, nearly circular. There's a natural sandy bottom. Access is at a public right of way. There's one "cabin" visible across the lake. Really, other than the rustic architectural style, it's more like a McMansion. But otherwise, 360 degrees of unbroken woodland. Pictures when we get home. (I didn't bring the camera cable.)

Tomorrow, New England Aquarium and my Mom's birthday. Then, Wednesday we fly home.


zibibbo said...

Happy Birthday Little Emperor!

OOOooOOO you get to meet Shelagh!

Enjoy yourselves!

Karen said...

Happy Birthday Little Emperor!

WHAT?!? Knitting isn't the first thing in your suitcase?!? Unless it was a subconscious thing so you could go shopping.... :)

Ali said...

Sounds like a great vacation. I love train rides, but do not like the VERY bumpy ones. Feels like a rollercoaster, doesn't it?

You left your knitting on purpose. lol.

Shelagh, wow, she gets to meet one of her idols! Very cool.

Jerry & Maxy said...

Ali, it was better than I could have imagined!!! :)

Thanks for a great visit, E! I'm off to collapse and sleep. Can't wait to see the photo documentation.

Elizabeth said...

I had the knitting bag all ready and staged up by the door. But in the throes of remembering everyone else's stuff, it got left behind. No fear, I bought a few items to tide me over at The Fiber Studio.

knittinbrit_in_wi said...

Forgot your knitting? I don't understand this. I've forgotten to load my children in the car before leaving for trips, but never my knitting. JK.

Well, at least that made for a very valid reason to buy some stash at the Fiber Studio.

Sarah said...

That lake sounds divine!

You know the only time I went to the Presidentials, they were covered in clouds too....

But I did get to see the Man in the Mountain before it collapsed!

Hopefully you have reprovisioned the knitting supplies!