Monday, July 24, 2006

Various updates

Mr. SABLE was not offered the position in New England, although they were impressed with his skills and experience. This is a bit of a relief, as the idea of having to move was a little overwhelming. So, he'll take his big promotion where he is and we'll enjoy our screen porch for several more summers before that bug bites him again. I hope that getting an answer will improve his mood: he's been on the grumpy side lately.

Very little knitting news to report. I made a matching hat to go with the sweater for Annette's grandson. Now must make some booties. I have a lot of half-formed ideas swimming around, but don't seem to find the time and focus to make them happen.

I went through my Cafe Press Shop prices and dropped them all a little bit. It's a learning experience. It's kind of slow going adding items. Each one requires the photos to be sized differently in order to print optimally. I could do this all fairly quickly if it weren't for the stream of interruptions. I'm not a natural born multi-tasker and I find that getting distracted really derails me more than it seems to derail other people. As I learn all the best sizes for each product, it will become a lot quicker for me. I hope to spend some time going through all my accumulated photos and culling the best for inclusion.

We're off to NH to see my parents at the end of this week. Probably not much blog-worthy news until we get back from there on August 2. But you never know.


Terby said...

Have a good trip. Good call on the store. You have some lovelies in there.

Wendy said...

I am loving the note cards. I told HWWV about it and he got a faraway look in his eyes (jealousy).

Sarah said...

Your pics are beautiful!

Good luck with the CafePress store, I think it takes a while for you to figure out exactly what you want to do and how, but its a great start!

Sorry bout the Koi...that sucks. Dang skunks!

And not moving. Whew, that is a relief!

Marji said...

love the pics in cafe press. Sorry your hubby didn't get the job he wants, but maybe the timing just isn't right. I firmly believe much of what happens in life happens for a reason, even when we don't much like it.
Have a great trip. Timing again, I'll be in Rockford Aug 5-9. Are you going to make it down to stitches, or might we try to get together sometime during the day Mon-wed that week?

Lynn said...

Lovely photos in the Cafe Press stuff - good luck with that!

Too bad Mr. SABLE didn't get the job - I was half-hoping to encourage you to move to New England, so I'd get to meet you one of these days.

Speaking of which, if the in-laws start to pale and the Fiber Studio is boring (not likely), feel free to come join me and some of my knitting and spinning buddies in Athol, MA, on Saturday - we're having ourselves a day-long SnB and BBQ.

Elizabeth said...

Thanks for compliments about the Cafe Press! I figure it's an easy way to get started.

Enallagma9, it's actually my parents, not his, we'll be seeing. Much as I'd love to plan get-togethers, I think our visit will feel very rushed. We're going to Boston on the 1st so Mr. SABLE can talk to someone else a conference about a possible future job. I'll probably take the kids to the Aquarium that day. Other than that, trying to give the kids as much Grandma and Grandpa time as everyone can take. Also, my mom and younger sons both have birthdays while we're there.

I am relieved not to have to cope with the move or no move decision and all that would involve. His ego is a little bruised, but considering it was a bit of a tangent forr him, in terms of training and experience, I think he'll get over it.

Anyone wants to come to Henniker for coffee or lunch while we're there, send me a message.

Lynn said...

Elizabeth, I just realized I wrote "in-laws", not "parents" - sorry! This is what I get for trying to comment and knit at the same time, even if it is only simple-minded garter stitch.

Enjoy Henniker - the woman who taught me how to knit lives there (Zoe French) and it's a lovely little town. I wish I could come visit, but it seems unlikely.