Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Various updates: the outline of the post to come

Annette's Grandson's Sweater
My friend Annette is commissioning me to make a sweater and hat set for her grandson who will be delivered by c-section on Aug 1. Here's the progress photo. The finished sweater will have raglan sleeves and a pretty simple neckline. I'm going to cut open the steek you see running up the front. Worked in Dale Baby Ull on US #2 needles.

New Camera

One of the first pics from the new camera. Still a lot to learn. I did get to putter in the yard with the new camera a bit. I'm going to need something for super-macro. My hope (and justification) for buying this camera is that I'll be able to sell an occasional photo once I'm working with RAW files and enough mega-pixels. Mr SABLE can suggest some of my images be used at his workplace in product newsletters and such. A little nepotism is a good thing.

My Children Broke My St. Vincent's Teapot.

While Mr SABLE was in Germany, the Little Emperor and the Big Emperor were having a stupid fight over who got to sit in the corner of the porch. Little Emperor swept everything off the table in a fit of pique. Including the new teapot which I had just been photographing to blog about.

I Finished the Shell Game Pattern
It's now available for immediate download.

(click the pic to get to the pattern page. But you knew that, right?)

Mr SABLE went to Germany and came home again...
He left on July 4 and got home evening of the 9th. The older son made a sign to hold up at the airport that said, "Dr. M____" but at the moment the passengers emerged from the secure part of the airport, the two boys were off in the men's room and I was standing there holding the sign.

Little Emperor turns 5 at end of the month...
We need to plan a birthday party. We'll be in NH visiting my folks on the actual day, but probably will have the party the first weekend in Aug. This is the first year he will have required something like a real birthday party, with preschool friends. Yikes.

All the political stuff I never actually type out and post
This mostly to do with another one of those crackpot letters-to-the-editor in the local paper that make no logical sense. The author was claiming that we need to do whatever we can to ban gay marriage or anything remotely like marriage, because civilization will crumble if we don't. I shouldn't get tempted to respond because I know that someone like that will not be swayed by reason or logic. He makes a series of statements which have no logical connection to one another other than in his own mind and he calls it a persuasive argument. Given that his own letter contains not one speck of logic, why do I think it would do any good to try to respond? He has his own little circular argument and immune to all reason.

Must decide about new pattern: submit to print media? Make it and self-publish?
I have a concept which is simple and wearable, not earthshakingly novel or interesting. I think I'll make a swatch and some sketches and prepare a submission package. If it flies, I know I can deliver on a commitment to make a sample fairly quickly once the school year starts.

Anything else I forgot...
There must be more.


Laura said...

wow, I got tired just reading the outline! You have such a busy life. The teapot was lovely, I hope both boys are sufficiently sorry.

Please try submitting your pattern to a magazine! I thought the last one was lovely and I know that you will be published eventually.

Speaking of patterns, I sent the sweater to Logan and his parents. I've been talking to my brother over the phone and telling him that he needs to take a photo NOW! I didn't think it would be so hard to get a parent to take a picture of his kid!

Sarah said...

oooh. Sorry bout the teapot.

My kitties broke the one thing we really had and loved that was pottery.

I know how much it sucks.

I say, try to get new design to print. Then, if it doesn't go, self-publish!

zibibbo said...

wow. Your week makes mine seem like a breeze.

Bummer about the teapot :(

Betty said...

Just downloaded Shell Game. Yay!

Good luck on your submission to print media.

Ali said...

Wow, how have I missed so much here on your blog? You must be super-posting or something! The teapot thing would have pissed me off to no end. But, that goes with the territory, heh?

About time you consider selling your art. That doesn't sound right does it? Your pics are worthy of many a gallery IMHO.

Kathy S. said...

Does than mean I'll have to start paying when I borrow your photos to use as my desktop wallpaper?

Jenny said...

You've got some great pictures from your new camera!

I definitely think you should continue to submit your patterns to magazines. If only so that I can say I know a "famous" knitter personally!