Thursday, July 27, 2006

GIFTED! (In a Cheap A$$ sort of way.) AGAIN!

My C.A. Secret Pal has done it again. I stepped outside to do a little yard work and saw a box leaning up against the house by the mailbox

The Box

Opening the Box

The Taffy

Recycled packing material makes a nice pillow

Origami Every Day!

Knitterly Greeting Cards!

Candy necklaces claimed by the younger set.

Kool aid for dyeing! And gloves for protecting my hands, re-purposed from hair dye.

Wow, a gorgeous hardbound book! (I hope she's regifting this one or found it at a thrift shop: otherwise nothing C.A. about it!)

Thank You Miss Not-so Many Penny


cpurl17 said...

What a fun box! And clever SP for finding sweets that don't melt in this heat!

Ali said...

Great haulage there.

I hope you don't mind, I added your CafePress shop to my blog. If you want me to remove just let me know. :)

Jenny said...

Lots of great goodies!

I doubt I will be making it to First Sat. Knitting either. I think if I went, I would just be more stressed out.

Hope you are enjoying your vacation!

Kathy S. said...

That is a cheap a$$ed pillow for sure. What an excellent assortment of goodies. It's a wonder that you got the package considering how your address is blacked out.