Sunday, July 16, 2006

Afternoon Update

Here is the cute little sweater for my friend Annette's grandson. It took 1.5 balls of the navy Dale Baby Ull and miniscule amounts of the blue and yellow. Coordinating hat to follow. I took this photo earlier today, before blocking and buttons. The sweater is damp and drying now. The buttons I chose are fairly basic, slightly brighter yellow than the yellow yarn. The yellow yarn is slightly brighter than it appears in the photo: it tends to vanish in bright sunlight, next to the navy.

Mr. SABLE will be quite elegantly outfitted for his interview. I went over to the Lands' End store hoping to get the goods for him (he hates shopping!) and found they don't stock the tailored items from the catalogs. I did get him a nice white shirt and fun tie. Then I popped over to the Men's Wearhouse, where the delightful Tatjana told me we really need to have him there and that, yes, simple alterations could be done by tomorrow. I phoned home and narrowed down the choices to two lightweight grey worsted wool suits: one Pierre Cardin, the other ... I forgot! When Mr. SABLE arrived with the boys, he immediately chose the Pierre Cardin suit. But Tatjana is a thorough salesperson! I had to take The Little Emperor out of the store and up the plaza to Dairy Queen while the fitting was going on. When we returned, Mr. SABLE was wearing a silk mock turtleneck (for casual wear), had chosen a blue sportjacket to coordinate with the pants from the suit, had two dress shirts, two silk ties, a tie chain, a pack of 3 pairs of socks, burgundy Rockport shoes and matching burgundy belt. Also, two cedar hangers for the jackets and burgundy shoe creme. Oh, and suspenders! Whew! What an inventory. I must say, he looked very elegant and managerial in the suit. As he was trying to leave, to take the boys to see "Cars", Tatjana kept thinking of one last item she needed to ask about... . I settled the bill (you don't want to know) and he went off with the kids to find ways to stay cool in the heat wave. He's ready for whatever happens for the next decade.

So, now, thinking out loud about my next knitting projects...
I need to do a little research on where to send my concept for a print submission.
I would like to make another version of the Shell Game, a little shorter, with narrower straps, and not forget the bust darts.
I have a concept for Knitty winter issue submission, which will be a quick knit and appropriate for the gift oriented issue.
Of these three things, only one is one I can post progress pics of.

And then, if I go and lose myself in my basement lair, maybe I'll decide to do something with the Hempathy, or the yarn I got at Herrschners, or, or, or.

and then, there's always socks.


turtlegirl76 said...

What a cute little sweater! I can't believe it took so little, it looks like so much more yarn would go into that. Kids, gotta love 'em.

Glad you got your man outfitted! Sounds like he's set for a while!

Jerry & Maxy said...

Relieved to hear Mr. SABLE is going to look like a rock star, for a while!!!

On my monitor, the sweater has white, no yellow. It's adorable!

And a new Shell Game?! Are the bust darts missing? I saw them...oh, you mean on your version - the pumpkin version you made for yourself?

enallagma9 said...

I hope Mr. Sartorially Splendid SABLE gets offered a lovely and well-paid job, even if you all then decide not to take it.

Although I will remind you that that there are a gazillion yarn shops in New England, and that house prices are beginning to come down.

Jenny said...

Adorable sweater!

A similar thing happened to my husband when he finished his degree and started looking for jobs. He ended up with TWO luxurious suits with all the trimmings (no suspenders, though). Thankfully we were not married at that point and his mother was along with the credit card.

I wish him the best of luck on the interview. If it's meant to be, it's meant to be.

Sarah said...

Your man sounds like he will be well appointed indeed!

Nice fish btw, are they yours?

Elizabeth said...

The fish are ours. Mr. SABLE has long dreamed of a backyard Koi pond. And because he's a bit impulsive, he bought some fish without actually having a pond. We have one in a tank in the house that's about 9 inches long and really needs a pond to frolic in.

About a month ago, he found a two part pond kit by the curb for free, so if we stay here, I assume he'll be digging some big holes and planning a waterfall to connect the parts. He does like digging!

Kathy S. said...

Selfishly, I hope you get to stay, though New England is lovely. The shopping trip reminds me of the time I foolishy brought the (ex) Mr. Kathy with me to buy a sewing machine. All I wanted was zig zag and an unbroken bobbin winder.

Terby said...

The sweater is very cute in blue. I had a similar experience when suit shopping, but even worse, we were at Marshall Fields. Needless to say, the husband has 2 nice suits, and we won't be shopping for interview gear this time around.

There are always advantages and disadvantages to any job. It can't hurt to interview. I can definitely relate to being ambivalent about the moving process.

emily said...

That thing about buying the fish before digging the pond is hilarious. Speaking as one who had a giant cat-food-eating snapping turtle living in her house for a year one time. Which I had as a foster child from a similarly impulsive friend back in New Jersey. I should have just gotten a barrel, the tank the turtle had was way too small.

Zonda said...

Love the sweater! Cute!

Sounds like hubby is well outfitted!

Good luck with your future knitting projects.