Thursday, January 18, 2007

Later the Same Day

I went to my basement to work on the machine knit sweater for my friend. It had been so long, the last time I worked on it was before I got possession of my lair. I had to excavate the machine in question and then I couldn't find a couple very important pieces of paper: the one that had all my project notes and another that came with the machine that gives suggested settings for different stitches for all the various weights of yarn. As I dug around in all the places that seemed likely, I got more panicked. Eventually, I remembered that I had been sitting over on the other end of the basement when I last worked on it and went to check in the cabinet next to my old spot. I found a stack of papers relating to knitting and the knitting machine, including the ones I need. But, that was 20 mins ago, and not enough time to really do anything before I need to pick up the Little Emperor.

BUT, among the goodies I found several old pattern booklets. I must have about 100 of these stashed around. This stack had about 20 booklets. The cover above caught my eye! That's all I have time to scan and post right now, but more will be forthcoming over the next weeks. I've got some real winners.


Kathy Kathy Kathy said...

A young Truman Capote?

Anonymous said...

That is a truly enjoyable photo. So many facets to delight over. And snicker. I will admit to snickering.


Batty said...

Yes, she's definitely trying to find her happy place. I know I would be if they put me in that mind-boggling combo!

jpknits said...

Would you laugh if I told you we had a matching suit in the shop? Maybe I'll find a way to get it photographed.