Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year

Sometimes you just need something simple. I've been trying little ideas out with this Rowan Tapestry here and there since I bought it. I consider it an extravagance at $9 per 50 gm ball. I only bought two balls, figuring that was enough for a trial run of something, but not knowing what that might be. Two balls would be plenty for a hat. But, of course, I had a scarf call to me for this yarn.

I decided to simply do a garter stitch the long way. How much more basic does it get? What I was thinking about, but wasn't in the mood for the doing, was the So-Called Scarf stitch pattern, the long way. I still think that would make a pretty cool effect. Or some multi-directional effect. There's a lost scarf hanging on a tree along my current walking route that is a multi-directional garter stitch scarf in a solid cadet blue yarn. I keep thinking I should stop and look at the technique, because it might be really interesting in a subtly changing yarn like this.

Anyway, I ran out about 16 feet for a long tail cast on and used the tail to form the stitches. I didn't count the stitches. I used a #10.5 needle for the cast on, because I've learned I need to or I get a tight cast on. Then switched to a #7 needle for the work. The first ball went about 2.3 inches. So, unless I go looking for a third (and find it) this scarf will be on the skimpy side. Let that be a lesson to you: plan on 150 gms or more for a scarf. I guess I'll decide how I feel about the width when I get it off the needle and really see the length.

We are finally having some sunshine here. Still above freezing temps. But with a brisk wind blowing and overnight lows in the 20s, it feels a little more like winter. I've got chicken and barley soup slowly cooking for dinner. This is one we all seem to agree on. Barley is a great secret ingredient for improving homemade soups. It took me a number of years to really understand how to make good soup, but I think I've got it now.

As for Resolutions, I don't make them. I never have. It strikes me as so contrived. And doomed to failure.

Every day I pray for another day sober and for help treating every human I meet with love and kindness. And I say thanks for all the sober days so far. And I figure the rest of it takes care of itself. These prayers do not come easily to me. I'm not really a love-and-kindness kind of person. A former employee once told me I was "rude, cruel, power-hungry, and abusive."* So, it's all about progress for me. The peole I most admire are the people who have the courage to be open, to let down their guard with humanity at large, and risk kindness. Sarcasm and anger are easy. Love and kindness are a daily struggle for me.

Happy 2007

*I was sober about 8 years at that time, so it wasn't just alcohol that made me like that.

Post script
Having said all that, I look in at Penny Karma's blog and see this resolution maker. I click the link and get this:

In the year 2007 I resolve to:
Learn how to shear sheep.

Get your resolution here.

How could I resist?


Bezzie said...

That is some gorgeous yarn. Reminds me of a gray overcast mid-winter day. Ahhhhhh!

It's always one day at a time for pretty much everything. I figure as long as I make an effort, it's all good.

Jerry & Maxy said...

E, you have always treated me with love and kindness and for that I am thankful. Very.

Keep on keepin' on, my friend.

Terby said...

Nope, still don't see it.

Happy 2007. I'm glad to count you as a friend, Elizabeth.

Laura said...

Happy New Year to you and your family.

I can't imagine that you could do something that would make someone say that to you. You have such a pleasant online personality.

Laura said...

Happy New Year, Elizabeth! I always like it when people "open up" on blogs, because I think it makes relationships more "authentic" I always enjoy reading your blog, rants and all!

Anyway, for my two cents, I just want you to know that I think you embody everything that's good about knitters. You always are so helpful, and I appreciate your inputs!

Cheesy Knit Wit said...

Happy New Year Elizabeth.

It should always be one day at a time. Most people think way too far ahead, including myself.

Sarah said...

Happy New year to you too!

And kindness is sometimes treating people with honesty, which sometimes isn't so kind, if you know what I mean.

Congrats on finishing the ABC along!

(I didn't....)

Carol said...

Wow Elizabeth, I wouldn't imagine that being you. I wouldn't have you any other way than just like now. Happy New Year to you and yours!!!

fathomknits said...

Happy new year!! And inside, deep inside, arent we all secretly little Idi Amins...

Anonymous said...

Hello Elizabeth. Thank you for trying that yarn and showing a bit of the results to us. I just bought some and I need ideas and directions! I also bought it thinking of using it for "My so called scarf" but the yarn is so smooth I'm afraid to ruin it (since I have not yet had good results trying the stitches for that scarf). I'll try something simple, like garter st., looks really nice on you pictures.
Happy New Year from Brussels.