Thursday, January 11, 2007

January Slogs Along

The kids went back to school on Monday, which was a tremendous relief. The worst of the beastly behavior has subsided now that Gimme Season has ended and they are back in their routines.

I've been puttering on stuff without a lot to show for it. I thought I'd be able to get a self-timer picture of the new hat, but between the clouds and the tendency of the camera to focus on the stuff behind me because I'm not in frame yet, this is the best I could get.

This hat is kind of like a beret, but with a squarish top. I used some of the yarn that Shelagh gave me in the summer and I dyed with Wilton's with the kids. The brown is Paton's Classic Wool. This is a style that suits my face shape pretty well. If I get Mr. SABLE and a bit of sunshine at home at the same time, I'll get a better pic.

This is a swatch I made from the Paton's Classic.

It looks better in person than it did in this photo. Just knitting and purling, but it manages to look rather deeply textured. I'm thinking I need a durable cardigan. I generally prefer pullovers for a number of reasons. I don't really make buttonholes very well, although I'm getting better. I don't like the way cardigans pull against my bust and belly unless they are very large and shapeless. I like a relatively uncluttered front because of the bust and belly. But, I find that I need to adjust my temperature a lot more these days. I get very cold sitting at my computer and put on a sweater. I go down stairs and start to cook or do a little cleaning, and as soon as I'm in motion, I'm too hot. Sit down for a break to read the paper: oops, cold again. And so on. So maybe a cardigan is the answer to some of this. Maybe with a zipper, so I can avoid the whole button issue.


Sarah said...

I like the hat!

Very cute.

I agree, I tend to like the way pullovers look, but I find taking them on and off kinda a hassle.

Nice swatch, it would make a nice cardi!

bcat said...

Years ago I had a similar hat to this from Sarah Dallas' ready to wear line. Man I loved that hat!!!!!... and it has been in my mind to make one myself this winter. Hers was made top down---i.e square top, then decreases underneath the corners and finally the knitting for the circumference of the hat. It was so fuinky and marvelous, not to mention attractive when worn!

YarnThrower said...

That hat looks great! Love it!

Bezzie said...

I agree with your sweater conundrum. Here it's the weather unfortunately...cold in the morning, hot in the afternoon. Picture spring weather--but perpetually so. At least with a normal spring you are done with it after a while.

Zonda said...

Love the hat! Great job on the colorway! I also love PCM! Especially the brown! :)

I too have the bust, belly, and heating conundrum/problem/etc! Zipper cardi's do ok for me.

Marji said...

cute hat! Glad the kids are back in school and that life is settling back into a routine. Around here kids back means we are down to an almost empty house again, and I for one am v ready to be an empty nester. Love it when they get here, am ready for the quiet when they go.
Gotta LOL, most people who knit would do anything on the face of the earth to avoid a zipper.