Sunday, December 10, 2006

U is for UGLY!

You know you are truly powerless over yarn when you bring home something like this:

I found it at St. Vincent's last week and because it's 100% wool and was only 35 cents a skein, I decided to try to redeem it. I'm not one for the thick'n'thin on size 15 needles, but figured I'd see what a little dye would do.

I think it's much improved and might even make a quickie something out of it for the Dulaan project.

Here's the progress on the Setesdal pulloever. One sleeve done:

It actually was not a lot of knitting time, but I haven't dedicated a lot of time to knitting lately. It seems I've been puttering on my computer a lot this week, and I sewed myself a pair of quickie pants the other day. Maybe I really will finish this sweater this year.


Bezzie said...

I'm not one for peachy colored thick and thin yarn, but for 35 cents a skein, yeah I would have caved too!! Looks much better w/the dye!!

Kim said...

The dye improved it - ugly yarn redemption! And, just for the record, I wouldn't have passed it up for that price either.

Zonda said...

Yes! The dye did improve it and it'll be perfect for a Dulaan project, what a awesome score! The sweater is really nice! Not too much more to do huh? :)

sgeddes said...

I think the dye job made a BIG improvement.I don't think many could have passe dup yarn at 35 cents a skein!

Sarah said...

35 cents, I'd have bought it too!

There's always felting.

And Dulaan!

And dye!

Much better!

Sweater is looing good!

Renee said...

Holy cats, 35 cents! Who *could* pass that up? I like the dye job.

Bufanditas said...

Who in their right mind would pass up on $0.35 yarn, even if the color is not to their liking. Thank goodness for dyes.