Monday, December 11, 2006

Big Brother is Watching You

Today's mail brought something I found very interesting. It's an offer for a business account Visa card with my first initial (which is actually not "E." I go by my middle name.), last name, and the business name of SABLE. As yet, I haven't conducted any business under the name SABLE. I did recently buy a domain name and used SABLE as the business name for that, because they wanted something in that box. I'm just kind of surprised how quickly someone in the money lending business jumped on that and sent me an offer. I'm kind of surprised, too, that a credit card company was able to buy my name and mailing address from a website hosting company, although I guess that's just naivete on my part. (No, I didn't read all the fine print before I agreed to terms. If I did that with everything, I'd still be reading terms and contracts from two years ago!)

There is precious little privacy in the Information Age.


Bezzie said...

Woo! I'm a middle-namer too! (Except at work, it just got too complicated to explain the whole reason I prefer the middle name).

I did this experiment once. I signed up for one thing with a made-up business name years ago and I still get junk mail addressed to me as president of that company.

Junk mail drives me nuts.

Jerry & Maxy said...

Ack! That's crazy. And a little scary, frankly.

ericah64 said...

I knew a guy who would use a different middle initial for different things, and he kept track of it. Later, when he got something addressed to him w/that middle initial, he knew exactly who'd sold their mailing list.

Wonder if he still does? He was mayor of Sausalito for a while...