Sunday, April 03, 2005

Spring Forward!

Happy time change. It seems like it really caught me by surprise this year. I wish that the government would just keep their hands off our clocks. Really. I was always a little indifferent to the issue until I had kids. Ask any parent and they'll tell you. The time change is a royal pain the butt when you have young'uns. And to think that valuable legislative time was once spent debating and instituting daylight savings time.

All those in favor of a single time system year round, say "AYE!"

In other news, our offer on the house we hoped to buy was not accepted. The sellers don't want to accept the contingency of us selling this house. So, we'll march forward with our efforts to get this house ready and hope that that house is still available (or something as good or better) when we're ready to make our next move. C'est la vie. Meanwhile, all those enormous boxes of yarn will soon get stored deep in the storage locker. I'll just keep enough here to get through a couple of months of projects.

I'll probably do some yarn purging, too. Already have mentally tagged the big box of Wool Ease as a give-away item. Maybe I'll have an essay question contest. In 200 words or less, tell me why you should get a really big box of Wool Ease Worsted. What will you do with it?

If you want to write that essay, email me: owensmom (at) tds (dot) net.

Contest closes on April 30 and WoolEase gets distributed shortly thereafter.


Michelle said...

Sorry to read about the contract on the house falling through. I hope it works out in the end! If I am remembering correctly part of the reason for daylight saving time was for the railroad schedules...I am easily confused though ;-)

Danielle said...

Aye! Daylight savings is ridiculous. That's a bummer about the house, but that all the more reason to get this one ready to sell. I hope you end up with the house of your dreams. As for all that yarn, I have plenty of storage space ;P and wouldn't mind caring for it.

Kim (HappyPiranha) said...

I spent the first 38 years of my life in Indiana, the "no time change" black hole. I had to fumble my way through time changes when we moved to Florida. So far, so good!