Saturday, April 09, 2005

For Weddings or A Funeral

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This is the work in progress I hope to finish soon. It will be a short little short sleeve jacket to wear over a dress that has a modesty problem in the armhole region. The dress came with a little prefab lacy jacket thing that I've never really liked, so this is to replace that. It's the only dress I own that fits me and I wear it only when I have to dress up, hence the title: For Weddings or a Funeral.

I hope to have a pattern available for this cute little jacket in sizes S-XXL, but you will have to know how to crochet to finish the edges!!! Check back for updates.

In other news, our second offer on the house I've mentioned was countered with a higher offer than we really wanted to get into, especially with the possible threat of taking out a bridge loan hanging over the whole deal. Meanwhile, we had our current house appraised and that came in somewhat lower than I was expecting. Granted, the appraiser made a significant error and forgot that we have a dining room! Must phone him on Monday and get that straightened out. I once read that about a family that got their house all cleared out and fixed up to sell so that they could move to a bigger house. When they did all that, they decided they liked the house they were in and decided to stay. Hmmm. But we still need to move a few walls to make our kitchen work.


Elena said...

I don't envy you with all this house business. I might be dealing with it myself soon.
Keep in mind that appraisals can vary a lot. When we bought our house, the first appraisal was lower than our agreed price and the bank wouldn't give us the loan. We hired someone else, who looked at some different variables and it came in higher.
Good luck!
Elena (aka greymalk)

D said...

I love the little jacket design...the sleeves are so sweet! I'll definitely be checking back AND I think I'll be able to find Knitting Machines Etc. When I go, I promise to tell Shelley you said hello :D