Thursday, April 07, 2005

All the news that's fit to post...

Today we wait to hear about the second offer on the house. We took off the contingency to sell our house first and offered a lower price. I'm not expecting it to float, but if it does, great. They have 'til five CDT to let us know. And we have tons of work to do to get ready here. Yikes. I don't know where the days go, but it seems like so little gets done! I need to hire a mother's helper to amuse the offspring while substantial work gets done.

Not much knitting getting done here. I hope there will be a time when that will change.

I met up with another knittyboard member and made a trek to see a yarn shop I hadn't seen before. We went to Susan's Fiber Shop somewhere north of Sun Prairie. Wow. She really does have everything. I'm eager to go back without my child in tow. Word to the wise: no public bathroom, so do not drink 18 oz of coffee on the way without stopping at a restroom first! They did let me into the house to use the bathroom, but I could tell it was an inconvenience. Although it's the last thing I should be doing, I bought yarn. How could I NOT buy yarn?

In other news, my older son took the quiz What Kind of Yarn Are You? (see sidebar) and he's mohair! So, if you crossbreed Shetland and Acrylic, you get mohair. Go figure! DH, meanwhile, retook the test. He changed one answer and was upgraded to Shetland, too. So, now you know what a big difference one answer can make!

I just finished reading Margaret Atwood's Oryx and Crake. A lot to think about in that book. The book report will probably stream forth in a week or two. It always takes me a while to think about what a book means.

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