Saturday, April 30, 2005

April 30! Wool Ease deadline

We are fast coming up on the deadline for the great Wool Ease redistribution. I decided, with help from Cindy C., to make several different awards. I've emailed all the folks that Cindy & I had agreed on for prizes. I'm only hoping that I won't get any extremely compelling essays late tonight. I do want to tell all who sent in an entry that it was very hard to choose. Really, they all seemed deserving.

Tonight I dragged the Big Box out of the closet it was in. And I also got out a smaller box with sport wt. blends. I started bagging the individual prizes. There is a lot of yarn to distribute. Tomorrow I will post the names of the winners and their essays (if I have obtained permission to publish).

In knitting news, I started a basic top-down raglan for Owen months ago. I had some Plymouth Encore in a blue and black twist that he likes a lot. I was afraid I might run short and had proposed, several times, adding some black stripes and black ribbing. He steadfastly refused all these yarn-extending options. As work went along, I could see that I was in fact going to run out. Still, he would not budge on the black stripes and/or ribbing. I went back to the store where I had bought it many times, always hoping to find the color in stock. The space on the shelf was still labeled, but I never found the yarn. I tried looking at online sources that carried Encore. Never found this color. So, the sweater was about to languish permanently in UFO status. By chance, last week I went back to the yarn section of the local craft store where I had originally bought the yarn. I did not even think of looking for the blue & black, but was just taking a quick gander at the other offerings. And there it was. It looked like a bag had just been unloaded on the shelf. And I had a "25% off your whole regularly priced order" coupon in my pocket! So, I got the Encore, and now am about to finish Owen's sweater. It's a total guy sweater: absolutely plain. I remember the days when Owen would happily wear the wildest combinations of colors. That's over. Now he wants subdued colors, no wild stripes or geometric odd-ball using intarsia. Just solid. He might tolerate a cable or two. All you moms, put those boys in wild stuff when they're really young and you can get away with it. At about 7 or 8, they start to change and by 10, it's a lost cause. Tomorrow I hope to have a pic of Owen in the boring raglan. (Sounds like a children's book title: Owen and The Boring Raglan, by Elizabeth M.)

To all you lusting after the pattern for The Plum Shrug, make sure you sign up at The Garter Belt for notification of availability. We will open on June 1. I spent a chunk of time yesterday reviewing my math and trying to describe how to make loop buttonholes. I must find an online tutorial with nice illustrations. In this case, each picture is worth a couple hundred words. Heck, I'll just change it to i-cord or a crocheted chain. That's much easier.

Off to finish that boring sweater. Then I can start something interesting!

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