Sunday, April 17, 2005

Knitting on hold. Ouch!

I just sliced my left index finger this afternoon. Ouch. I was packing some boxes of stuff to store and pitch, and sliced myself with a utility knife while cutting the packing tape. It felt pretty deep while I was doing it. I got right over to Urgent Care expecting stitches, but got superglued instead. It should be substantially better in several days, but it sure is inconvenient right now.

Last night I finished knitting the little cotton jacket. I need to do the crochet on the left sleeve and sew up the sleeve seams. Then make some buttonhole loops and sew on some snazzy buttons. Almost ready for a public unveiling. A few years ago my grandmother gave me a box of fancy buttons from the early 20th c. I think there will be some good choices for this little jacket. And, I have enough yarn left over to make a matching bag. It's Di Ve Egyptian Cotton. I got a bag of 10 in a grab bag from WEBS. I used about 5 1/2 on my little jacket. A great economical little project.

I started my project for Fall Knitty submission. I won't say more, except it's Elann Highland Peruvian. Nice yarn.

Must get my design wheels turning: I need to have a few more projects in the pipeline at all times!

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emily said...

Owie!! I've heard of that superglue business, I guess it is even better than stitches. I hope it works quickly for you.
Looking forward to the public unveiling of the new design!