Wednesday, April 13, 2005

I've decided to get someone to help me judge the WoolEase essays. There are 27 of them so far and they do run the gamut from silly to tragic, poetic to cute, altruistic to self-indulgent. It is hard to decide. Glccafar from knittyboard has volunteered to help me judge. She is not entering and promises to be impartial. Just when I think I've got all the essays I'm going to get, another one will trickle in. Stay tuned.

On the house/move front, we're not doing much. I looked through the online listings and didn't see anything worth making a big deal about. We still have mountains of stuff to store before we can think about listing our house. It's hard to make fast progress on that with kids underfoot. The good news is that a neighbor on our circle got an offer on her house for nearly as much as our appraiser said ours is worth. Her house is about 900 sq. feet on the main floor (small 3 bedroom ranch) and ours has 1460 on the above-grade living space (2 stories, called "colonial" but nothing really colonial about it, 4 bedrooms). Her kitchen is nicer than ours, but we're at the end of the cul-de-sac, with a large lot, 2 car garage, fireplace. So, I think we should be asking closer to my original idea when we do list.

I did get the taxes all worked out. Finished tonight. Tomorrow I'll rewrite everything neatly on the forms to mail and be off with it. I still feel like I'm doing something wrong when I take the Child Tax Credit. Like, shouldn't that be for people a whole lot worse off than we are? Yes, it's $2000 extra dollars in our pockets, but I feel like the more we earn, the less the government seems to want from us. Certainly, when we were living on $20 Grand a year, the government's share felt a LOT more painful than the share they take now. Even though it was a much smaller amount of money, it mattered to us a lot more.

The little cotton jacket is coming along. I finished the right sleeve and will soon get the left done. Pics soon. I'll dress up and maybe go somewhere fun for a shoot. Like the Botanical Gardens or Monona Terrace. I should have done pictures of my previous sweater while there was still ice on the lake. I had thought it would be cool to get pics from out on the ice with the building in the background. Oh well, something to keep in mind for next winter!

Still tinkering with the links on the blog. It's coming along. I'm starting to see what to do, even if I don't exactly know why. I added one for my non-profit group. Well, not mine, exactly, but I'm very involved in it (board of directors, treasurer, all-around volunteer) and it's an issue I'm highly concerned about. Go have a look in Other Links. Greater Madison Healthy Lawn Team. And if you are someone who puts chemicals on your lawn, maybe you'll start to think about why that isn't a good idea. Ask me questions: I'm happy to try to answer and I can consult with a bunch of doctors and scientists if I need to.

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