Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Photos from our weekend. And of yarn.

I just looked at the few pictures I took while we were in Illinois with my folks over the weekend. Sometimes when I look at a picture of my mom I'm struck by how much of an an unknown she is to me in some ways, and yet, how familiar in others. In the picture, I see the old lady she's becoming and it seems way too soon. And I see the mom I've always known and also, the person I feel that, as a daughter, I can never entirely know.

We were all at a big playground a few blocks from my grandmother's house. Owen took 20 pictures of sparrows.

The Little Emperor spent about 20 minutes spinning on this gadget.

After all that spinning, look how happy he was:

In Other News

Today the UPS man brought me a box with over 4 pounds of fingering weight yarn. On cones. I had seen this yarn at the WEBS site last week. Last week when I was playing around with all that fingering weight yarn I own and trying to make it work in a project. And then I realized that I really need some lighter values, because without enough value contrast, you get mud. So, I was browsing my favorite cheap yarn sources because paying $5 per 25 gm ball of Jamieson's is really a last resort option for me. I ordered a pound each of the four palest choices in that listing. (Pale yellow not in picture.) The yarn is still in the spinning grease and has a rough feeling on the cones, so I skeined off a bit to wash and see how that changed things. I think it'll soften up enough to be a good purchase.


Sarah said...

I can definitely see the similarities between you and your mom!

And I want to see Owen's sparrow pics...

MollyBeees said...

Eureka! I've solved your family's puking problems! Stop letting them spin on things for 20 minutes!LOL. What a beautiful Mum you have. You do look a lot like her. Hope to see you Saturday if it is still on!

Bezzie said...

Hee hee! Mollybeees is too funny!

Yup, I can see your mom in you too. And I'm with Sarah--you have to at least post one picture of a sparrow!

Can't wait to see what you've got cooking with that yarn.

YarnThrower said...

My initial thoughts echoed those of MollyBeees -- that I figured out why the LE got sick during the night after your return home (At least spinning around like that would make ME sick, though LE looks great in the photo....)

It will be fun to watch what you create with your new yarn!

Guro said...

Yes, you do look a lot like your mom. She is beautiful!

And spinning for 20 minutes... I'm dizzy just thinking about it.