Wednesday, May 16, 2007

(knock on wood) We Are All Well!

Can it be? After weeks of moving from one sickness to the next, I believe we are all well at the moment. I ended up getting the tummy bug from the little guy, which was really no fun. But, thankfully, it was rather short-lived.

Tonight, I gave my friend Jim his sweater and got a quick pic of him in it:

It fits him very well. Like it was made for him! Which it was, so there you go. This picture suffered from an overly-zealous flash, which I tried to adjust in Photoshop. Still, the reflection on the glasses is a bit annoying. Jim says we'll get an outdoor pic soon.

Now I'm in the doldrums between big projects. I still have the Mead Scarf on the needles. And I still have the long-standing UFO, Scott's Tweedy Sweater. But I'm in that unsettled stage where I poke around in the stash trying to see what calls out. I think I hit on a plan earlier today. But it'll probably be a stealth project, so maybe I better get a few small things going, too, just to have something to take pictures of.


Bezzie said...

Great fit! Now winter just needs to hurry up and come!

I'm in that same doldrums. But I'm sewing pillowcases to keep me sated.

Leslie said...

Very nice! It looks great on him.

Marina said...

Was he surprised? It looks great and fits so well.

That's a dangerous place to be!

YarnThrower said...

The PERFECT sweater! YAY! ...and, I bet you're relieved that is done! Fun to poke around the stash..... My current projects are less than inspiring to me right now, though I think it is more the time of year than it is the actual projects. I'm having a hard time getting anything done. Glad you're all feeling better!

MollyBeees said...

That sweater looks great! Cute model too! I'm currently addicted to multidirectional scarves. They work up pretty fast if you are looking for a 'quicky' in between projects!
Glad you all are on the mend at last!!!

Sarah said...

It does fit him well! Great job!

Mead, mead, mead!

Magatha said...

It fits! Hooray! and boy does it ever look good on him! He'll be wearing that one for the rest of his life.

So happy you're all well now. No more sickness for the duration!

zuma said...

That's one well made sweater! Looks great on him. Good job.

Carina said...

That is a perfectly done sweater. Well made and lovely.

Oh, and I tagged you with the 8 random things dealy. Please don't be mad--I just thought you'd have a cool list. :-)

knitaly said...
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knitaly said...

Your craft is surprising as always!

Did you know Italians prefer to touch the iron instead of knocking on wood to keep bad luck away?
I'm saying with you "tocca ferro!"

Batty said...

Great sweater!

Keep up the good work. Take your vitamins, exercise regularly, eat your veggies. Yay for a happy, healthy family!

Kathy Kathy Kathy said...

However you spell it!

Marji said...

I agree, we should break out in Handel's chorus for you! It looks wonderful. I hope he is appreciative and loves it/wears it forever.

Have you heard? We are in this week - they are saying anytime between Tues and next Sunday, for the next 17 yr Cicada hatch? ... ugh.