Saturday, May 12, 2007

Is There an Unwritten Law...

that every time a child develops a gastro-intestinal illness, the initial onset of symptoms shall appear between the hours of midnight and 4 a.m.? Think about it. If you are a parent, how often when your kid comes down with a major gut-spilling illness, does it start at a normal, convenient time, like 11 a.m.? My kids only barf in broad daylight if they get carsick, or they've already been barfing for 12 hours.

So, the misery continues Chez SABLE. My sinuses, Mr. SABLE's dangerously infected eye, the Little Emperor's mildly infected eyes, the two week cold from Hell for me, Mr. SABLE's run in with the cold, which was not as severe... and now the Little Emperor is laid low with the gut bug. And maybe Owen's getting the cold. We have had enough! Enough, I say!

On a cheerier note, The Last Saturday Knitting has moved to 2 p.m. on the last Sat of each month. Same place for now: the Victor Allen's on Maple Grove, near PD, on the far southwest side of Madison. And I will be there this month, unless I'm quarantined like Typhoid Mary or something.


Romi said...

Yes, I'm sure there is such a law. One of the little known corollaries goes like this: "when your barfing child is staying with you in a motel room, he will climb on your bed at 3 a.m., declare his sickness and hurl his dinner all over you, the bed and your husband."

Feel better soon!

YarnThrower said...

I hope you're all feeling better soon... I mean this in the very best sense of the words: Happy Mothers' Day!

I hope to see you on the last Saturday this month!

Bezzie said...

Hm, see now I think for a working mom it might be different. I always get "the call" from school when I'm up to my eyeballs in a very important project that is going to suck butt trying to catch up with when I'm done with the barfing child.
So maybe the law can be amended to read: Children will only be afflicted with vomiting illnesses when it is most inconvenient to their mother.
Happy Mother's Day!

Magatha said...

Yes, why do they have to puke when they are supposed to be sleeping? (I remember once waking up my parents and as soon as my mom got out of bed I threw up all over her side of it. Poor parents, had to clean up a pukey bed in the wee hours.)

Poor sick SABLEs! Here's to health and vitality all summer long!

Happy Mom's Day!

knitaly said...

Bezzie 's amendment is the right one, moreover each child seem to have a favourite illness, or it's the illness that has a favourire child?

Batty said...

So true! Also, it's worse on a weekend. Friday night or Saturday night, to be precise.

Happy Mother's Day to you anyway. Hope it's a good one!

Emily said...

Oh, Elizabeth. Sounds awful!
There could be such a law. In second grade I developed chicken pox the morning of my parents' long anticipated vacation-without-the-kids to Greece.
(However because somewhere in my little head I knew it was a big deal I actually didnt say anything about it til after they were on the plane. Which meant the family friend who was babysitting had to deal with it but still... I think my parents are still grateful)

Sarah said...


I'm so sorry you guys are all feeling so craptastic.

Hugs, hope that it passes soon, and life can get back to 'normal'!

Jenny said...

Oh geez. Take it easy, Elizabeth! Sounds like you've got your hands full.

DeltaDawn said...

Those middle of the night gut spilling incidents are high on my list of why I shouldn't have children - I'm in awe of you mothers!!!

I hope you ALL feel better real soon!

zuma said...

So sorry you're all ill. No fun. =(

I think it's a law of nature - the puking after midnight thing, I remember as a kid waking up and puking on my Bambi pillowcase. =( The of course having to wake up my mom to clean it up - lucky mom.

And the time I babysat two girls overnight and the youngest spent the entire night in and out of the bathroom puking up her little guts. =(

Hope everyone feels better soon.