Tuesday, April 24, 2007

It's a Needle Case. Almost.

Last night I sketched and pondered and constructed in my brain and couldn't quite see how it would all come together. Finally, I just started cutting and sewing.

First, I put the elastic on the lining and put the fusible rigid interfacing onto the outer fabric.

I cut 2 strips of each lining and outer fabric and sewed them to the edges of the zipper, hiding the raw edges inside the folds. Then I basted the zipper section onto the main section, with raw edges to the outside.

Then trimmed the fabric sandwich down to about 1/4 inch around.

I pinned the bias tape around to cover the raw edges.

I still need to sew it down. But I'm pretty psyched.


cpurl17 said...

Love that fabric. Excellent engnieering there. You and Bezzie need to go into business!

Bezzie said...

Freaking cool!!! I love it!! Gah, I have to conquer my fear of my sewing machine.

Mitchypoo said...

That is so cool! What a neat idea! You are talented.

Helen said...

very cool. and fabuous for just winging it as you went.

Kathy Kathy Kathy said...

Groovy. I like it. So what kind/weight/brandname or something of interfacing is that? Are you happy with its rigidity so far? The colors are wonderful together. I'm thinking that if you wanted to carry more needles in there you could add a section in the center like 2 pages.