Wednesday, November 29, 2006

What's In My Knitting Bag?

It's been a while since I did What's In My Knitting Bag?, so here we go...
Socks, socks, and more socks...

A pair of pseudo-Fair Isle socks from yarn I bought from a couple years ago. This is nice yarn at a good price. I made Mr. SABLE some socks from it back when I first got it and they have held up quite well.

Part of one blue sock for Owen. I bought this yarn in NH last summer when I forgot to bring any knitting with me on vacation (GASP!). These have been languishing so long, they might drift into Area 51 if I'm not careful.

I thought I should give a try to the two socks on two circulars thing at least once in my life. I can now definitively say that I prefer double points and working one at a time. This two at a time thing feels very slow to me, and I lose more time every time I need to set up another segment, compared to my rate on double points. Chacque a son gout and all that. (Anyone who can tell me how to put the accents over the letters on a Mac?)

And lastly, this slip-stitch pullover which was rescued from Area 51 and is now back in active WIP status. This will be for Mr. SABLE, eventually, but it's a long-haul kind of project.

I have to say, I'm not terribly excited about any of these projects. They're all kind of bland and pedestrian as far as the knitting goes. I'm feeling the urge to start something more snazzy and compelling, but that just means these items will still be unfinished at this time next year. Better to plug along and get a few done.

I have finally finished the pattern-writing for the Foothills Pullover, in children's sizes from 2-16. You can buy the pattern here.

And last but not least, today is Mr. SABLE's birthday. It got off to a bumpy start with the Little Emperor demanding a band-aid at about 5 a.m. and then demanding to get up about 6. I've got a little leg of lamb to cook for dinner, so maybe that will help his morale a bit.

Oh, and you know how I wanted just one normal school week? I'm coming to think there is no such thing. Owen came home with a migraine at noon on Monday and managed to grace the inside of my car with vomit in the four blocks between school and home. And in a few short weeks, Christmas break will be upon us. God help us all.


YarnThrower said...

I'm not sure it's what you were going for, but your post made me laugh out loud. I'm so sorry about the vomit in your car in only four blocks. Perhaps you should've immediately gone to purchase a lottery ticket if you were having a day in which unlikely things happen. Happy Birthday to Mr. Sable! I have a bit of a chill today, and when I saw your knitting for his sweater, I thought, Hmmm, that looks really warm. Also, thanks for your comments regarding the two circular socks. I've been thinking for a while that I ought to at least give that a try, but given your comments, I think I'll save myself the trouble.

Have a great evening!

Bezzie said...

Finally! I can comment (stupid blogger).

It brings me solace to know I'm not the only one that didn't really dig circs for socks.

The Mad Scientist needs to find a job in a cold climate so I can knit that sweater for Chunky!

Carol said...

Love that shade of blue in the Wildfoote! I remember the days when my old child would just puke without notice in the car. God help us all indeed! Great knitting BTW!

Carol said...

Holy Cow! I was having so much fun with "What's in my knitting bag", & was wishing someone well on their birthday, I realized I forgot!
Happy Birthday Mr. Sable!

kemtee said...

E, it's easy to do the accents and the like on a Mac.

To do the forward kind (é), it's OPTION+E, and then immediately type the vowel you want.

To do the backslanting kind (è), it's OPTION+`, then the vowel.

ˆ= OPTION+i, then the vowel.

ç = OPTION+c, then the c (or SHIFT+c, if you need uppercase).

There's lots more… let me know if you want a complete list.

Elizabeth said...

Thanks for the info, Kemtee. I sometimes accidentally make the ç, but I couldn't for the life of me get my circumflex accent above the proper letter!

Sarah said...

Yay for rescuing WIPs...I might need to do that soon. I still have a cardi that only needs seaming ready to go.

Terby said...

Belated happy birthdays to Mr. Sable. Sorry about your car, too. I remember that slip stitch pullover... I feel better about some of my UFOs now!