Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Another Day

What I've been knitting:

This is a sweater for the new backyard neighbor. I hope her parents are too busy to keep up with my blog, at least until after I finish it and give it to them!

My first attempted project for her didn't seem right, so went back to the tried and true Dale Baby Ull and little diamonds. I need to darn in ends and pick buttons.

I've also resurrected Scott's Tweedy Sweater from last year, and I've been working on socks. Scott's Tweedy Sweater should get back in the active line-up for a while. It's been dormant for about a year with no good reason. It's perfect knitting for doing with other stuff, like listening to the radio or music. Maybe that's why it got sidelined for so long: not interesting enough for the knitter, though it should be a favorite with Scott when it's done.

And now, for Bezzie, dead flowers on the butterfly bush:


Becky in Iowa :O) said...

I never get tired of your diammond designs. The sweater is just too cute. The colors really work well together.

Bezzie said...

*OOPS* I left my comment on your blog on Karen's (cooknknit) blog instead. I'm shocked I can walk and chew gum at the same time.

Helen said...

y'know, Bez, we all had to go check out what you said on K's blog. hehe you're too cute.

lovin the sweaters, Elizabeth!

Zonda said...

Nice job on the sweater! Lovely! :)

Lara 900 said...

nice sweater.

and thanks for the "butterfly bush" photo. We had one in our garden when I grew up and used to call it "butterfly bush", too. (well Schmetterlingsstrauch, since that was in Germany...)

Wonderful memories of lots and lots of hours in the sun and watching the butterflies. Thanks!