Saturday, November 25, 2006

No Pictures Today

Well, we got through another Thanksgiving chez SABLE. I managed to get the table about half-cleared, which was good enough to eat off of. The meal came together pretty well and no one complained.

Yesterday morning I went for coffee with a friend while the world was out having a shopping frenzy. I prefer to not buy anything on the day after Thanksgiving, as my contribution to the Buy Nothing Day movement, but in fact, I went to a fabric store and bought some buttons for a sweater I needed to finish and some elastic to make a new bathing suit.

This morning I went to Last Saturday Knitting with Laura. She gave me a copy of her new pattern, which was nicely printed on heavy paper and we talked about prices and sources for printing quantities of patterns. I'm thinking of moving into wholesale sales of printed patterns, but have been trying to decide how much energy I have to follow through on another level of marketing.

Mr. SABLE cooked dinner tonight. He made a quiche, proving that real men not only eat quiche, they cook it, too! Real kids, however, still do not eat quiche. It was delicious and quite a thrill to eat a meal that I didn't cook, wasn't eaten out somewhere, and didn't come from a package in the freezer.

After dinner, I cut out the pieces for my new bathing suit. Long-time readers may be having deja-vu about this: yes, I did make a bathing suit before, but that one has gotten mighty thin in some crucial places. Yes, the bust and crotch are lined, but the seat is not. The Little Emperor would like to make a point of going swimming at the Y regularly again, and I realized that the other suit was dangerously sheer. The new one is exactly the same: I have enough of both fabric and lining from then to make another. The only thing I changed this time was adding a little length to the bandau bra lining, so that it'll cover and hold a little more effectively. Now, I really should go back down to my lair and sew it together, so that we can go swimming tomorrow afternoon. BTW, if you sew and have never made swimwear, give it a try! I was amazed how easy it was and it was a thrill to have a swimsuit that had enough fabric in every dimension! Being plus size and tall, it seems that my choices in purchased suits always involve sacrificing needed girth or needed length.

I'm looking forward to a regular school week coming up! Five whole days of quiet, kid-free work time. Bliss.


Bezzie said...

Wow, if I sewed that would be really cool. As it stands I wear a swim tank and a pair of The Mad Scientists trunks into the pool. Poor sewing machine just sits in the closet collecting dust.

Hmm. Wholesale patterns eh? I guess how much more would you take in as opposed to the cyber marketing? Course you're right, there would be more time involved in that aspect.

Jerry & Maxy said...

Th swim suit is exciting. Although I'm really wondering about the wholesale patterns - is that the way to go? Is TGB not enough? Is zib OK? It's interesting to think about...I am not particularly drawn to looking thru notebooks of patterns, but I will buy a pattern that is sent to me - cardstock like you're talking about. I have your Autum Scarf cardstock, no .pdf. Any old way, I support you, E!

Jenny said...

Waaaaahhhhh, I miss Last Saturday Knitting!!!!!