Wednesday, November 08, 2006

More CASP2 Gifts!!!

I found a box leaning up against my door this afternoon. My CASP 2 pal sent one last package! She had been going through a pretty rough time over the summer and working insane hours. Here's the overview:

A book with paper airplanes to make and fly. (This is a good one for us. We had a previous copy, but all the good ones got used up and lost some time ago.)
A small blank book
Postcards of Oregon (gorgeous! I really need to visit there some time. It's a part of the country I've never seen in person.)
Caramel corn
Playing cards in a plastic case!
Two boxes of her fudge!!!

My husband gets brutal migraines from chocolate, so she included a safe box for him.
Thanks Monica! It's good to have a CASP who runs a fudge shop!!!

What didn't make it into the picture: the chocolate round things labeled Buzz, Buzz. Must be chocolate covered coffee beans. I think they jumped out onto the table before the photo op.

In Other News
It's a grim day in Wisconsin. Although we reelected our Democratic governor, Wisconsin passed a truly nasty amendment to the state constitution. I'm ashamed for my adopted state.

Knitting News
I did virtuously work on the Foothills pattern for several hours today. I got over the psychological hump of working through some tedious details and number crunching and now it's just a matter of tidying up and proof-reading.


Kate A. said...

I had to de-lurk to respond to your comment, in passing, that your husband suffers migraines from chocolate. I have awful migraines myself, so I know just what that means, but I wanted to offer some hope just in case it helps - my neurologist, Dr. Mark Green from the NY Headache Center, told me that the latest research suggests that chocolate is not the *cause* of migraines, but rather a prodrome symptom in some people - that, in short, you crave chocolate when you're getting a migraine (it can be coming on for as much as 24 hours before you feel any pain), and so you learn to associate the two, when in fact the chocolate is not the cause. Dr. Green is a well-known researcher in this field and has a good book out, if you want to find out more. I have no affiliation other than that he was my doctor. I just can't stand the idea of someone avoiding chocolate if they don't absolutely have to!

Penny Karma said...

Hang on - who has a fudge shop??

I need to make a new friend.

Margot said...

I looked up the porposition of which you speak - I missed that one in the excitement of the House and Senate races. Not to mention the astounding fact that AZ seems to have defeated the same ballot item!

Well. My heart sunk when I pulled up the {state omitted} results. Not because it passed (you had prepared me for that) but the margin! That stings.

Take heart, the tide is turning. It will take time, but the world will change. One person at a time.

Elizabeth said...

I think I heard Dr. Green on NPR once. Anyway, thanks for that tidbit. In my husband's case, he doesn't crave chocolate. He doesn't really miss it. But when we were putting it together about his dietary triggers, c. 1994, he found through trial and observation, that one (!) M&M actually gave him a headache. When he stopped eating chocolate, most of his worst headaches stopped, too. Thank goodness Maxalt works for the ones he still gets.

Bezzie said...

A fudge shop! How cool! I suck at making fudge immensely. I admire anyone that makes it so good they can sell it for a living!

Ugh. Here I thought that WI was a more open minded kind of state? The gay marriage thing doesn't surprise me, sadly everyone seems to be hopping on that bandwagon. But the death penalty? One thing I've encountered down here in TX is you hear about a lot of "oops, we might have accidentally killed a guy we shouldn't have" cases being ressurected. What if that was your mother/father/son/daughter/husband/wife that was accidentally killed?

You've got an open invitation to join my Canadian Potato Farm Commune when I finally have had enough of this place!

Laura said...

well as far as the gay marriage amendment goes, according to my husband, most amendments/propositions/whatever tend to pass because very few people vote "no" on anything and the supporters of whatever always show up to vote.

So basically, unless the "no" people really make a stink and make voters realize that the whatever is up for a vote, whatever will pass.

YarnB said...

I could not believe believe believe when I read that proposition passed there! Too upsetting! The one in Arizona didn't pass only because it also would have voted against domestic partners (man and woman who live together). Still 48% of people voted for it. And they voted here for many props that are pretty racist. I think people don't realize what they are truly doing! Or they are just ignorant! Did you get my email by the way?

Jerry & Maxy said...

Geez. It's a surprise to me that my college state passed both of those things. Yuck. Yuck. Yuck.

ericah64 said...

Ooh! Ooh! Hubby received some of that self-same fudge as a gift once, addressed to "The Man Who Lives With Your Stash". He said it was good.

Sarah said...

Lovely CASP! mmmmm, homemade fudge.

I too am sad about these amendments.

There are far more statements in the bible about money and the evil of money lending etc. than about gays. But you never see anyone complain about the gouging scourge of the "quick-payday-loan" places, do you?

Carrie K said...

*The man who lives with your stash.* That's great, erica64.

Maxalt is wonderful.

I can't wait to do the tax returns for the Registered Domestic Partners next year. In California, they can file jointly. Federally, no. It's going to be fun.

Carol said...

A most excellent CASP! "The man who lives with your stash", that's a hoot! Sorry about the way some things turned in the elections, I don't think many humans quite "get it" yet. For all our sakes, I hope we don't take too long to come around.

enallagma9 said...

Hm, two boxes of fudge don't quite make up for that particular voting outcome. At least we can take heart that, overall, voters across the country seem to have finally figured out what's up.

Anonymous said...

It is a very nasty amendment indeed. For the first time in my life I've experience what it is to have prejudice against my child enshrined in the constitution. And it makes me so sad and angry that the narrow minded and the frighted feel that's it's not enough to say over and over again "you're not good enough", they have to write it into the constitution, just in case future generations might be tempted to be swayed by anything as unacceptable as reason and compassion.

I'm happy about a lot of the election results, but I'm sick at heart about this one.