Saturday, May 13, 2006

Work in Progress

Front View

Back View

My new WIP. I'm excited about this one because I think it will solve a wardrobe deficiency of mine. It will give me a comfy cardigan to put over short sleeves on cool-but-not-cold days. Eventually there will be a pattern, too, sized from very small to very large.

When I looked at the photo of the back view, I realized i was this close to losing stitches! Whew. Read more about the design decisions and process for this project at The Garter Belt Design Blog.


Jerry & Maxy said...

I love the pattern! And the color! I can't wait to see more.

sgeddes said...

Great pattern - I can't wait to see the final sweater. I read the info on The Garter Belt Blog. I agree, that real models are the best. I'd miss seeing you in oyur own creations!

Bezzie said...

I can't wait to see that finished!

And just because it takes my computer forever to load the comment boxes--I'm super impressed with your first hank of wheel spun yarn down below! You've got a gift for that!

jpknits said...

Staying tuned. I like the look so far, and I've been veeeeeeeeeeeeeery interested in your attention and approach to construction. Veeeeeeeery interested in watching for this one.

Kirsten said...

Lovely sweater. Looking forward to the pattern on The Garter Belt!