Sunday, May 07, 2006

I Is For Intrepid or Immersed

The Little Emperor has his first outdoor swim of the year yesterday at Gov. Dodge State Park. The water was quite chilly and there was a stiff breeze. He got fully immersed (an other "I" word). Although there were a few other souls on the beach, no one else was actually getting in the water.


Bezzie said...

Too cute! I'm glad he was impervious to the icy water ;-) I imagine your weather on the other side of the lake is like it is here in MI---it's warm, but it's not quite THAT warm yet. Dontcha wish we were that young and intrepid again? (Ok, I'll stop with the I's now)

YarnB said...

He is so cute! I lived in Madison so long and I miss it. I love reading your blog to see photos and your mentioning of things in that area. Often, I wish I never would have left!! Madison is such a special place!

Wendy said...

Hey I was just at the beach this afternoon and I can tell you this, in the pacific there's no way no how that you'll be plopping into the waves this time (or any other time for that matter) of the year!