Friday, July 20, 2007

Going Out of Town

But just for a couple of days. But, since my blog posts seem to have been happening on weekends lately, I thought I better tell you all that I'll be back late on Monday and not to expect much until Tuesday.

My parents will be working on the stuff in my grandmother's house and I'm taking Owen down with me to be an extra set of hands and also take pictures of stuff we might try to sell in a more up-market venue.

In fiber news, I've just been spinning and carding mostly.

I did start knitting a beret from the grape Kool-Aid 3 ply, which I think will be very cozy for winter. And I nearly finished a long-dormant second sock this evening. (I was inspired by Terby.) I managed to get right up to the toe shaping before I lost the will to see it through to the end.

But the spinning and carding, well that's been fun. I've made a mountain of batts from the mixed-browns Brown Sheep mill ends, minus the brown I peeled off to spin solid. I finished spinning all the brown I peeled off and have one more bobbin to ply, which will have to be plied on itself. The remaining mixed browns are mostly black and the white stuff you can see in the photo in the last post is mohair. Boris is going to stay with Fern for the coming week, so I guess I'll be concentrating on spinning or maybe knitting. I've also been spinning singles from some brown merino-romney cross that came in the large fiber lot. This is turning out very nice. It has a lot of lanolin left in it still: not completely unscoured, just a nice bit of lanolin to coat my hands while I spin. I got a length of that off the bobbin and folded it in half twice to get a sense of how it will perform as a four-ply. It's nice. Looks like about 10 w.p.i. with a great springiness. It should be a very resilient yarn.

Other news
My order from the Interweave Press hurt book sale arrived today. I really lucked out. I was on the computer at the moment the email announcement went out and I ordered right away. I got Alden Amos, Lee Raven's Hands On Spinning, In Sheep's Clothing, Starmore and daughter's Children's Collection, Feitelson's Fair Isle Knitting, and a couple others.

And now, I really have to go to sleep. Owen and Mr. SABLE are out getting the new Harry Potter, which means I'll be on duty with The Little Emperor in the morning.

Pictures next week. I promise.

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dale-harriet said...

Hope your weekend's filled with interest, laughter, curiosity, satisfaction and joy. I'm locked on my sofa...waiting for my Smiling Box of Harry Potter. The "tracking" tells me it's at the UPS center out in Middleton. At least the weather's nice!