Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Wet Wool

Here are the Komi Mittens, wet and laying out on an old dishtowel on the porch. Do you think I have a problem with delayed gratification? Yeah, I haven't darned in my ends yet either.

For people who read this kind of stuff, I'm including the technical details.

Pattern: Mitten #23 in Mostly Mittens, by Charlene Schurch; Large size.

Yarn: Red, Yarn From the Barn, Sport wt, from Rainbow Fleece Farm, New Glarus, WI.
White, Columbia Minerva Fingering wt worsted wool, vintage yarn from the stash.

Needles: US #2 double points, Ribbing in US #0 double points.

Notes and Modifications: I just launched into the larger size without a swatch. When I make the next pair, I'll make the smaller size, or use smaller needles. These will fit Mr. SABLE. My back-up plan was to felt them slightly if needed to make them fit someone. I didn't alter the pattern one bit, other than using different yarn than shown. These are really fun mittens to make. The patterns are simpler than they look. I plan to make more.

In Other News
We had an interesting time last night. About 11 p.m., just as I was drifting off to sleep, Owen came into our room to tell us that he was shivering and couldn't stop. I took him back to his room and covered him with more blankets, and realized there wasn't much more I could do for him. Like a bad mom, I went back to my own bed and tried to get back to that delicious state of just drifting off that I had been yanked from. Mr. SABLE had opened the window a bit, as it was the first warm day of the season. As I was lying there, I thought I smelled something off. I have a terrible sense of smell, so I asked Mr. SABLE if he smelled a skunk. He snorted and muttered no. About ten seconds later, he said, "Ewww, I do smell a skunk!" and slammed the window shut. We still smelled it, but not as overwhelmingly. Now I had two worries. First Owen and his fever/chill and then, realizing one of our cats had not come in for the night. And he was out there with a skunk. I checked back on Owen about 11:30 and he was less shivery, but starting to feel hot to the touch. Then I went to bed and slept until the alarm went off at 6:50. (Have I mentioned how much I hate the time change? Getting up in the dark? Again.)

I let Owen sleep, called the school to let them know he wouldn't be coming, and asked Mr. SABLE to check for the cat. Thank goodness, the cat smelled just like his normal self. And thank goodness there was no lingering whiffiness in the yard, because I surely believed that skunk had sprayed right outside my window. We had skunk action last spring. They were fishing for koi in the garden pond. I hope they aren't actually living on our property. I really don't want to find a family burrowed in the lilacs or worse, under the porch!

So, Owen's home sick today. And if I had to choose between my children, I'd rather have a sick day with Owen than the Little Emperor any day. He's far more self-sufficient.

A note about Last Saturday Knitting
We are taking a trip to San Diego for spring break, so I won't be at Last Saturday Knitting this month either. I've had more days away than there lately, it seems. Sorry. But I really really really will try to be there, as scheduled, for April.


MollyBeees said...

Poor Owen! Hope he feels better soon. The mittens are great! I love the crisp design. Have fun in San Diego!

Bezzie said...

Those mittens are fab!

Ugh to the skunk! I ran over a dead skunk last week and my whole car stank of skunk. At least that's fun to say..."stank of skunk."

fathomknits said...

Sounds like my mom. Famous for insisting my brother hadn't gotten sprayed by a skunk, since there were no skunks in my neighborhood. She claimed he just had really stinky shoes (which he also did). He had been walking the dog and yelled it to my mom from outside. She made him and th dog come inside and stink up the whole house before she would admit he was right.

Guro said...

The mittens are beautiful!

I'm very fond of wildlife, but when I read stories like this I'm glad we don't have any skunks here in Norway.

Get well wishes to Owen.

knitaly said...

Keep on learning! Now I know what a "stink of skunk" is! hard to say for me!
I wish all the best to Owen

Batty said...

Beautiful mittens! Oh, how I love them!

I'm sorry Owen is sick, but I'm glad you don't have to slather the cat with tomato paste to get skunk smell out of fur. It's bad enough having to do it to a dog. I think a cat would put up a serious fight.

Jen said...

Fabulous job on those mittens! They're just beautiful. I just bought this book on ebay, and now you've inspired me to start knitting the mittens.

ericah64 said...

Oh, I love both the mittens and the scarf! Sorry to hear Owen's sick.

Where are you staying in San Diego? There are some cool places there, and I understand there are one or two good yarn shops, too. ;-> Even if you can't stay there, you should go check out the Hotel Del Coronado and imagine it in the old days when rich people would go stay there for two or three months at a time.

Ruinwen said...

Another beautiful pair of mittens!

I hope Owen is feeling better soon and no skunks show up!


Sarah said...

Hugs for Owen.

Gah, the skunks! They're waking up here too. I hate them! Seriously, I feel sad when I see a dead bunny on the road, and happy when I see a dead skunk on the road. Does this make me an evil person?

Anyways. Komi mittens are awesome! But I'm really excited about mead! She looks sooo nice!