Sunday, February 04, 2007

Still Darn Cold!

This morning when The Little Emperor and I came downstairs, my outdoor thermometer was registering -9F. (That's -22.78 for all you centigrade users!) And that wasn't the windchill. Right now, according to the temperature widget on my dashboard, the Madison temp is -7F/ -21.67C, at just after noon. Brrr. I haven't been outside yet today, but I'm supposed to take the LE swimming at the Y this afternoon, so there's no avoiding it!

As promised, I did get a couple of photos. The sun streaming in through the glass porch door in the living room offered enough natural light to take a couple pics. It's harsh light, but got the job done.

First, here's all the yarn that came in the last two packages from my Cheap A$$ pal. I think I might go at the hanks of light tan yarn on the right with dye and see what I get from that.

Here is the progress pic of the second attempt at the sleeve for the Shetland/Morrison/Faroese cardigan:

It goes quickly, so I should get an actual sleeve pretty quickly.

Movie Review
Last night we watched the movie Syriana. I had high expectations for this movie: I'd heard Terri Gross interview George Clooney about it sometime last year. But, I have to say, I spent most of the movie a little (or a lot) confused about what was going on. In the end, I understood a bit more, but still had a lot of questions. I'm willing to work at a movie a bit if it's demanding material, but I feel like the script and editing need to meet me halfway. In the end, after watching Syriana, I felt like the only thing I could definitely say was that most of the characters were corrupt in some way and the corruption triumphed. They could have made a taut spy-thriller, but I think they were aiming a little higher. Instead, though, they missed that mark, too, and just left us baffled.


Bezzie said...

That's how I take a majority of my yarn pictures...thru the window light.
Great close up of the Andrew Morrison sleeve!

Jenny said...

Stay warm!

I think it's been below zero here since Thursday or Friday. Excellent knitting weather