Sunday, February 04, 2007

Answers to Questions

Cindy, as much as I would love to meet you, we are usually clearing out of the coffeeshop around noon or a little after. Maybe there's another time and place that would work out?

Laura, my son learned website construction mostly from his own stubborn determination and with help from my husband. When he was a little baby, like 4 months old, he used to get all worked up when I had to do work on my computer. I thought it was because he wanted me to look at him, but I later realized, he thought I was playing with a really cool toy and wouldn't share. We used to give him old keyboards to bang on, but he knew they weren't really hooked up to anything. I'm not a proponent of early computer exposure for children, but this kid has been using them (in one way or another) pretty much since before he could speak. More my husband's influence than my own. For my site, I worked out a visual concept in Photoshop that he could follow. Let's just say that his aesthetic sensibility is pretty much what you'd expect from a just-turning-12 year old boy.


Danielle said...

It's really great that Owen is putting together your new site. You must be very proud.

According to my hubby who's a software engineer; 12 is the perfect age for this kind of project. He recomends seeing about gifted classes that focus on programming, and/or art classes depending upon his interests.

Best of luck to Owen, and I can't wait to see your new site.

Cindy G said...

Sounds like the boy has a future! I'm looking forward to the site, too.

Knitty said...

Cold is right!

I think you're right, you need to set up shop in your own right.

Keep warm!

(oh it's Sarah...somehow they're signing me in as Knitty...but it's teleknitter sarah)

Batty said...

That's so amazing. You have every reason to be proud!

YarnThrower said...

That's so great that your son seems to have such a passion for web stuff! I'm looking forward to seeing your new site!