Monday, February 12, 2007

Posting Made Easy!

I thought about taking another progress shot of the Andrew Morrison Memorial Honorary Cardigan, now that the second sleeve is approaching the right length to add to the rest of the sweater, but it's cold. And snowy. And grey.

And The Little Emperor stayed home from school today. Maybe I'm a soft touch. I don't know. At about 3 a.m. he called out that he didn't feel well. I went in, told him to go back sleep. Just as I was dozing off again, he called out again. This time, he said he thought he might throw up. I had him get up and stand near the toilet while I went down to get a bowl to keep in bed with him. Then, while I put him back in bed, I asked if he had been drinking the pool water while we were at the Y yesterday. This is one of those disgusting things he does that I can't seem to get through to him is a bad idea. He said he had. I said, "Well, no wonder your tummy's upset." I explained (again) that there's chemicals in the water, not to mention all the pee from half the other pool-users.

No sooner had I drifted off again, then Owen burst in to the room, telling us that he had bad dream, which he commenced to describe at length. This was around 4 a.m.

As it turned out, the LE did not throw up, but still said he didn't feel well when I got him up for school, so he stayed home. All this is a long way of saying that I didn't get any great chances to set up and take pictures.

But, I did get an opportunity to go on a little scanning binge. Which brings us to the title: Posting Made Easy!

Look: these models have Loopus!

This cover photo just cracked me up. It's a shame someone has attempted to erase their faces.

This booklet does contain one pattern I really like, though. The colorwork yoke on the boy on the left should definitely get used again in a modern, adult-sized rendition.

Tomorrow, LE is going to school. He's seemed like a mostly well child most of the day.

edited to correct reference to Andrew Morrison, whom we will suppose is alive and well.


Becky in Iowa :O) said...

Hope the little man continues to feel better. It sure is no fun getting woke up with a sick kid. {{{hugs}}}

Terby said...



Good one, E.

YarnThrower said...

Elizabeth -- You need a loopy hat! Fun "vintage" stuff, and I like the motif on the little boy's sweater, too. I'm glad LE seems to be feeling better. Maybe he just needed your TLC...

Bezzie said...

I love the Loopus hats! Remember that I Love Lucy where they wore the feedbags and lampshades thinking they were French fashion? Replace the lampshades with a Loopus hat!

Have we determined that Andrew Morrison is dead? He didn't look that old in the picture. Memorial makes me think he's dead. I like the cheerier "commemorative" sweater! (Lord I have too much time on my hands to be thinking about stuff like that!)
Glad LE is feeling better and no barf was involved!

Zonda said...

Neat knits there! I do like the hats! Glad LE is better, mine stayed home today too!

Guro said...

Viking Theme??? I don't get it! Where's the viking-ness in those sweaters? Who's that pattern book by?

Your Andrew Morrison looks very nice.

Now I'm off to recover from the Loopus comment...

Batty said...

Poor guy. Guess he has to learn about drinking pool water the hard way! Hope he didn't contract anything serious and feels better soon.

Those hats... I'm trying to get over those hats.

cpurl17 said...

Hope LE is up and about by now.

I love the Loopus hats. You can look loopy AND dust your house with your head at the same time.

Carol said...

Loopus-tee hee I know how to do that stitch in crochet, but that was when loopus had pread to the feet.

stephanie said...

the children in the red and white sweaters look a little children of the corn, to me.