Tuesday, August 15, 2006

August and Everything After?

I made the rounds of my regular thrift shop haunts on Saturday. It was extra fun, because I got to go alone! My ostensible mission was to find a bicycle for Owen and books for the Little Emperor. Owen's current bike is a wee bit too small. I know that in two years, he will start his serious growth spurt and I don't want to spend a lot on a new 18 speed bike. So, I hoping to find a reasonably nice one for cheap at one of the used sources. I found a couple candidates, but nothing that I felt I needed to bring home right away. I was fairly successful finding books for the Little Emperor. He's been enjoying listening to the easy "chapter books" and has recently discovered the thrill of Captain Underpants. I scored a few of those and some other titles I thought he might like. The great thing about Captain Underpants is that Owen enjoys reading them aloud to the L.E. so we enjoy a few moments of brotherly harmony.

While I was out thrifting, I also found a couple shirts for Mr. SABLE, a nice flat queen size sheet (no, we don't need them to match), a round pizza pan (about 14 cents at Diggers' Outlet), several froggable sweaters at the Salvation Army, and a few other miscellaneous goodies. Yesterday I was able to get two of the sweaters unseamed and begin making yarn out of them. It was perfect porch weather: not too hot, light breeze. I worked on a brown shetland wool sweater and a burgundy colored cabled wool one. Pictures soon.

Last night I started tinkering with the Yarn Botanika project. Read all about that on The Garter Belt Design Team Blog (link in the sidebar).

I am eagerly awaiting Sept 5, the first day of the school year. That's the "everything after" part of the post title.


Sarah said...

I love perfect porch weather.

With the new house, we spend as much time as possible on the deck, just enjoying life.

You're thrifting is good! I too, don't need my sheets to match!

Becky in Iowa :O) said...

hehehe Don't ya just love Captain Underpants? Nick has all of them and would make me read a whole freakin book each night if I would give in. hehehe