Wednesday, March 08, 2006

What a mess!!!

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I dumped my knitting bags out for a little look. It had been a while since I straightened things up, untangled my projects, took stock. Yikes. I think I need to buy a box of ziplocks! Rest assured, when I put it all back, things were in better order than they started out. In the full size version of this photo (which you don't get to see), one can pick out several dormant projects, which will be back on active status, once the priorities are dealt with.

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Here are some current sock projects. The green Wildfoote ones are for me. Nearly done, but on hold while other projects take priority. Then there is one grey sock from the Regia Silk. Have I mentioned how much I love this yarn? These socks will be for my dad's birthday later this month. Next, a little teeny bit of a sock from some KnitPicks cotton sock yarn that Terby destashed on me a couple months ago. She said she just wasn't happy with it, no matter what she tried. Maybe I'll have better luck?

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This is a sample of the Mystery Project for release around April 1. Tune in for more details later.


zib said...

oh you had a mess too! I feel so much better.

Love the color on the Mystery Project!

Jenny said...

Whoa! What a mess! I hope you didn't waste too much precious knitting time working on that.

You're crusing on that gray sock. Didn't you just get that yarn last week?

Wendy said...

Ok. Now I'm gonna go get more of that yarn.

Wow. Now I know why we get along. My knitting piles are about as bad as yours!

And your mystery project. Nice stitches, girlfriend! Mine look a bit different, but still fab. yay!

cori said...

oh, mystery project is cool! what is that? how soon is april 1??? (i've been off work recovering from surgery for the past 4 weeks, i'm a little slow). almost a month! gah!

love that stitchwork, it looks so cool!

corrina said...

What a pretty stitch pattern. Can't wait to see what it is!

Jerry & Maxy said...

Wow! That's some pile. Glad you got it sorted. I'm lovin' the socks. But even more the blue in the mystery pattern - I can hardly wait!

So I've been away from blogville and knitty, and I finally stumbled upon the surprise - Starsky! How long has that been up? It's amazing what a week away can do to you, and your knitting.

I f-ed up the HPP pattern immediately after joining in the round - so I have to frog or just start all over. I'm annoyed that I didn't listen to that little voice saying - wrong pattern row. Question: am I still increasing at the first and last stitches? Or just at the seams/markers?

Donna said...

The socks look great and the mystery project certainly has me intrigued!

I cleaned my knitting bag this weekend....sort of. Needles seem to go hide in mine.

Castiron said...

I'm just perturbed that I was able to recognize the Knitpicks yarn from the brief glimpse in the top picture. I've got a pair going in that yarn, but different colorway.

Terby said...

Heh. I recognize one of those projects. That's a cool stitch pattern. I'm too dim to be able to read how you made it, but I like it very much. See you in a few.

allisonmariecat said...

I'm so glad I'm not the only one who has to clean out her knitting bag because it looks like that!

Love the sneak peek at the surprise!

Ali said...

I feel so MUCH better about myself after seeing your first picture.

I can't wait to see the mystery project. Looks like a great spring project.