Sunday, March 19, 2006

Slip stitch

Here's a sample of the newly dyed yarn, in a slip stitch with another recycled yarn. The teal is from a merino sweater that I got at the Goodwill. The yarn is more like 8 or so very thin wool threads used together, but not plied. It makes it a bit prone to splitting, but I think the effect is worth the effort.
Have a closer look:

I'm still not sure what this will be, but I'm thinking a cardigan a la Coco Chanel. I checked out Jean Frost's Jackets book from the library (again) yesterday. I love her work. Of course, it's not like I have anything to dress up for in my life, but maybe that will change?
BTW, the color balance is more accurate in the top picture.


zib said...

I really like the ala Chanel idea. With the solid border? I was this close to buying some real live Chanel fabric from one of the hoity toity fabric shops here to have my MIL make me a jacket with it. Then it turned 90f the next day and I forgot about it.

No reason to dress up? Sheesh! Business conference in Italy, you want to have something stylish for it!

Jerry & Maxy said...

Oh my. I love it! The slip stitch pattern is very cool. The colors are very complimentary (sp?). And it's all recycled - even more amazing. You should have a dressier item for your visit to Italy, the fashion mecca.

Wendy said...

Yeah, well, I'm the original one with no where to go. And I have a closet full of clothes. It doesn't bother me much, that closet full of clothes, so I figure you should make it anyhow. Just add it to your closet full of clothes or put it on for your next grocery jaunt. (They'll all think you came from somewhere important.)

Marji said...

gorgeous. I just love the combination of colors, and of course I adore (trying to reduce the use of the word 'love' but doesnt' adore just sound a little...affected?)
anyway, I am the original proponent of the Chanel Jacket. I've taught that jacket in sewing classes for several years - including how to 'deconstruct' them for that awful frayed, worn out look. And I've taken Susan Khaljes class on making them the couture way and have several.
Anyway, point is, wear a Chanel style jacket like other people wear LL Bean khaki jackets. Throw one over jeans, wear it to the library, to the grocery, to pick the kids up from school. You'll be beautiful and totally appropriate.
Go for it.

Dipsy D. said...

Wow, this one is truly gorgeous! I'm using a similar slip stitch for my sweater from hell, and it makes up for a very cool look, doesn't it? I love the idea of a Chanel-like cardigan - looking forward to seeing more progress photos of it!