Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Olympics afterthought

I did not participate in the Knitting Olympics. I guess I'm not a joiner. But my maternal grandfather was an Olympic athlete in his youth. And he had a Michelle Kwan moment about 82 years ago. Read all about it here


Jerry & Maxy said...

Wow, that is completely cool, and a huge bummer all at the same time. And I liked the mention of the pretty girl and that he hated French bread.

Think of all the stress you saved your non-joiner self.

Jenny said...

I really don't enjoy sports except for the Olympics. How cool to have Olympic caliber genes!

I didn't do the knitting Olympics either. Too much pressure!

Margot Schips said...

That's a cool story about your grandfather. Thanks for sharing.

Pssst, you are so too a joiner Ms. ABC Along and Ms member-of-knitrings. You're a selective joiner. : )

Terby said...

Hee. Margot made me giggle.

That is a cool story. I kept meaning to tell you that, but I forgot. That's more famous than my family.

Anonymous said...

Grandpa was a mover and a shaker.