Sunday, February 26, 2006

Weekend Update

Minor change in the template: I made a little sidebar group of Madison knitters' blogs. I hope to add to list as I stumble onto them. Sometimes when I'm following one of the webrings I realize I've found another Madison knitter. Next time that happens, I'll add the link to the sidebar right away. I hope. I think. I'll try.

Not much in the knitting news right now. I have a few stealth projects in the works. Some dormant UFOs. Nothing worth taking a picture of today.

My big accomplishment today was washing my kitchen floor. And back hall and half-bath. It's all one stretch of flooring. It was really disgusting. I can't remember the last time I washed it all. Isn't that awful? What's worse, I think that when I was a college student, living in the Party Apartment with my degenerate guy housemates, we washed the floor more often than mine gets washed these days. Ick. It was very rewarding, especially the really awful zone around the downstairs toilet. A house with three males… need I say more? I've learned in life that I can face almost anything if I can wear rubber gloves. I could have made a Spic'nSpan commercial with the before and after, except that my floor is not all that attractive when it is at its best. The vinyl was already old when we bought the house in '97 and the years of neglect haven't helped. I haven't bothered replacing it because in a few more years, come hell or high water, I plan to gut our kitchen and the back hall area and do a massive remodel, involving removing a pointless chimney, and when that happens, I'm going to get a very nice ceramic tile floor. So we live with the dinged and stained vinyl for now. But at least it's clean today!


Wendy said...

so when you get your nice ceramic floor, give me a call. when our house was built, I intentionally chose a grey-colored grout so it would never show the dirt. This was the smartest thing I have ever done (and the tile is a mexican-paver/dirt colored melange so it is a win-win, let me tell ya.)

Anonymous said...

I was going to comment on the grout color, but I see Wendy beat me to it. But definitely choose a darker grout. You then won't get to experience the joy of being on your hands and knees on cold, hard tile, with bleach gel cleaner and a toothbrush.

Elizabeth said...

Thanks for the grout tips! Good to hear the voice of experience.

dragon knitter said...

sounds like massive fun with the floor, lol. there are 2 teenage males in my house, and i make THEM scrub the bathroom floor. i swear, those boys couldn't hit the broadside of a barn.

as for your comment on my blog about my hair (and that post has generated more comments than my last 10, i swear!), i talked to mark, and he's ok with me cutting it. i do think i'll just donate the minimum 12", though. then maybe i can comb it better. sigh

Rachel said...

I could copy and paste this post into my blog, and every word would be true. Bought house in '97, nasty vinyl, boys with bad aim, defunct chimney, want to remodel... I'm glad I'm not the only one who doesn't wash my floor twice a week, although with the little guy starting to crawl soon I guess I'm gonna have to!