Sunday, February 05, 2006

A Sunny Day in February

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I've been writing the Hyde Park Pullover pattern for the last several days, getting scant knitting time in. The job is nearly done: I need to do another proofread and make a few corrections that I already know about and then, get decent photos. The sun is finally shining in Wisconsin today, but, wouldn't you know, now it's too bright. The pictures we took in the yard today resulted in a nice exposure on the sweater, but a blinding glare from my hands and face. I need a nice dark hat with a wide brim to cast a shadow on my face and maybe that will work!

I've sized the pattern in 7 sizes from XS to 3XL. It gave me the incentive to create an Excel template to spit out some rough numbers for every size. Using the Craft Yarn Councils Standards, and extrapolating with some help from the tables in the back of Maggie Righetti's Sweater Design in Plain English, I created a template that can take any gauge and spit out stitch and row counts for 9 sizes at most crucial fitting points. As it turns out, I didn't use the two largest sizes for this pattern, but if any 4XL or 5XL women out there want it in that size, I'll do it. Just let me know.

Later the same day
I think I may have inadvertently set my camera to overexpose everything when I was trying to do self-portraits last week. I've been having exposure frustrations since then, and had the idea at the time that I'd done something wrong. The trouble is, the full owner's manual came as a 289 page pdf. How stupid! How often do you have your computer with you when you need to look up something? I've tried sitting at the computer with the camera reading, but then I'm out somewhere and can't quite remember what I read. There are some adjustments I make often enough to have learned, but others just don't come up too often. I've begun printing out the relevant pages as I need them and assembling them in a binder so that I can have the manual with me when and where I need it. Meanwhile, I figured out how to reset all factory settings, did that, and hope I've cured the problem!


Jerry & Maxy said...

I know what you mean by the reflective skin. A fun picture. What a beautiful cat. Son, mother, and sweater are great too, but I haven't seen many kitties with that coloring.

And huge massive thank yous, Elizabeth, for linking to my blog. Wow. Thank you.

Terby said...

That's a great photo! Your son is very cute, and you are all clearly having a good time.

Cheryl:) said...

it really looks great~!~~!

Landstown Poultry said...

Yay! I'm so happy your gearing up to make the matching hat for Alishar. I'm bouncing in my seat waiting for it. *grins* And thanks for posting the pattern to The Garter Belt. I'd had no idea at all that that site existed....and how ironic about your verification word!!